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The challenge to create a list of suggested graduation songs for a graduation ceremony, school graduation party and also a home based graduation party can seem like fun. In theory you get the chance to influence the music and hopefully play your own favourites. In reality you probably will find it hard to have your favourites accepted and will end up with a list which is a bit of a compromise. Depending on what your position is that may be hard or quite easy to do. Many graduates find that their friends are very keen to let them know what they would like and how disappointed they will be if the graduate does not follow it through. Parents and others can find they don't really know what music would appeal to the graduates and fear they are choosing boring music that has no relevance to the audience. Although it may seem a little tricky there is a lot you can do to carry out some research and find graduation songs that will fit your purpose.

Online there are lots of answers type forums where good people ask for graduation songs suggestions. They may well get a pretty good response and luckily find some songs they can recommend. That is not a bad place to start. Even if you do not ask a question, just reading through the previous answers will give you some clues. Also online there are pretty good catalogues of graduation song suggestions which are fairly up to date. At least they will give you a strong starter list and you can decide what you do and don't like. The great thing is they include this year's and many past years' songs which does help you to study what may be relevant. They can be excellent if you take the time to look through what they have to offer. Some even categorise the songs by decade so you can find older songs if that is what you need.

A great place to start if you are recommending songs for a graduation ceremony is the past few years' songs. You can talk to past graduates and ask them how they felt about the music. This will help you understand what is popular and acceptable. There can be a huge difference as to what is used. My University always played Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar as it is an ancient institution. The other music played at the ceremony was equally classical in nature and the whole musical package fitted well. If you had asked the graduates beforehand they would have said the music sounded very boring. However at the ceremony the whole thing fitted very well. Our daughter's school is a great school with a very modern outlook on life and a young Principal. Everyone loved the music played by Leona Lewis and Mariah Carey. The songs were totally right for the ceremony and everyone could identify with them. Going forward for her school the graduates will be free to look at the recent top sellers and find the best graduation songs.

I would hope you can use the current charts for your graduation songs and find great, relevant music. However the educational institution may have a strong history of certain kinds of music and will always go that way.

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