Choose Envelope Sizes As Per Requirement

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Envelopes are mostly needed in business world as well as for personal purpose. They are required in almost every workplace or any organization. They come with gum flap that is moistened to seal. The most widely used envelopes sizes are C4, C5, C6, padded and DL. Different envelope sizes are available in market. One can opt for envelope which best suits the stuff that has to be placed inside the envelope. Letís discuss in brief about various sizes of envelopes.

If you send envelope that has unusual size, then it may require additional postage so it is better to know about the weight, dimensions and measurement required for postal purpose beforehand. Select the right size of envelope which suits your requirement since they have great impact on the overall appearance of the envelope.

Envelope of C4 size can hold sheet of A4 size. The dimension of this type of envelope is 324mm x 229mm. They are available with peel and seal flaps and are available in hues such as white and brown colour. Envelope of C4 size could be used for mailing hefty documents and delivery notes.

Envelope of C5 size can hold sheet of A5 size. The dimension of this type of envelope is 229mm x 162mm. They are available with peel, seal flaps and double security self-seal flaps. They are available in brown and white hues. It is the most commonly used envelope size for purpose of mail shots and business letters. The weight of envelope of C5 size should range from 90 gsm to 130 gsm (grams per square inch).

Padded envelopes are mostly used for mailing heavy documents. The benefit in using these envelopes is the aspect of protection and security which they provide. They are resistive to tear and damage so you can be tension free about the delivery of your stuff with utmost security and protection. Even non-fragile items could be sent using this envelope.

This kind of envelope has a layer of bubble wrap attached at inner side. Through the bubble wrap, one can hardly find out about the stuff inside the padded envelopes. Even non-fragile items could be sent using this envelope. So choose envelope as per your requirement as per the stuff which you need to mail.

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