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The world of luxury pens still seems to be of interest to many customers and that is why you will notice the same well known brands across the continents. One leading purveyor of luxury writing instruments is Visconti pens. The Visconti brand is automatically assumed by consumers to be a luxury brand name and therefore in the high end of the market. But why is a Visconti pen so magical? And why have they taken their place in the luxury pen market?

Visconti pens was founded in Italy over 20 years ago and have grown to be one of the most prestigious purveyors of luxury writing instruments. Visconti is passionate about pens and continuously strives to produce even more beautiful writing instruments using cutting edge techniques. Each Visconti pen has been carefully designed to represent something important. This may be art, a moment in history, a city, some literature or even something from archaeology. Visconti even uses current day events and places in our modern world for design inspiration.

One of the first things that the majority of people notice with any of the Visconti pens is the intricate detail and craftsmanship. The Visconti pen company often uses both traditional pen making methods and new technology when manufacturing its writing instruments. Of course what each and every Visconti pen is constructed from is extremely important. The best of materials will only do for each writing instrument. Viscontis wish is to produce not only beautiful pens, but pens that are a delight to hold. Of course performance is also top priority too as each pen must be reliable in its function. There are a number of well known collections in the Visconti pen range. These are widely available both in High Street retailers and on-line with one of the pen specialists.

Two beautiful and stunning collections in the Visconti pens range are the Venetia and the Divina Proporzione. These two collections contain writing pieces very different in look and style, but equally characterful and full of charm. The Divina Proporzione is a Visconti pen that has definite theme running through it, namely the Italian Renaissance and work by Leonardo Da Vinci. Curiously the pens in this collection also feature the number 1.618 which is often know as the golden number which is the key to knowledge. Writing instruments in this Visconti pens range are fabricated from the most wonderful materials. These include black Lucite, crystals and celluloid (the pens makers gold). Within this range there are also a set number of limited edition writing instruments for the keen collector.

Similarly the Venetia collection in the Visconti pen range of writing instruments are equally fabulous. In this collection of Visconti pens designs have been inspired, as you have already guessed, by the city of Venice. Venice is renowned world over for its charm and beauty, and the pens in this collection have been designed to reflect this. Many of Venices symbols and icons are represented on each writing instrument. Visconti pens in the Venetia collection are manufactured from silver, resin, blue bronze acryloid and vermeil filigree.

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