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Switching on TV gives us many things. Things that are meant to discuss, to ponder, to forward, to surprise and even to resist. There can be other emotions added if one may think about them. News factor is common to all these things. Some way or the other we are being crowded by news. Different Channels are focused on different hypes. Family channels feed us with entertainment news. Health and spiritual channels load us with fitness news. There are also few channels that let us shop for 24X7 despite of us being sitting in our homes. They give variety of product news. These Channels lure us to our area of interest and plan to take money out of our pocket. This pick pocketing is sometimes told and sometimes done secretly. TRPs and Ad breaks are ways to do it secretly else we have cash cards and plastic money to do the obvious.

Entertainment is also not coming easy these days. If it does come easy it is not something we like. Once an experiment gets hit success is tried to imitate. Like Saas-Bahu Serials or reality shows (copied as it is from other countries) or movies to name few. Entertainment news is full of TV gossips and affairs of Story Life when TV is considered. There are other ways for entertainment to get leaked. Movies, animations, Internet, Gaming are other side of the coin.

It is also upon the individuals as to what do they consider entertaining. For fitness freaks, nothing can rejuvenate like Fitness news. There are various products on display like workout machines, health supplements, Fitness accessories etc. Product news of these articles is similar to favorite food for a glutton. People spend loads of precious time and money for status. The above-told things are status symbols to them. Spending on their maintenance is not a big price in bargain for social acceptance with proud. Sometimes, it is just self-actualization like Maslow’s Hierarchy. With money comes a different attitude for outlook of life. Self-actualization is one of them.

News as entertainment news and fitness news may give fits to few people instead of joy as it promise. Nevertheless, these are here because they have receivers. Everybody is unique in some or the other sense. We select things as per our likings and our personalities. We should surely focus on product news available. This will help to grab only what suits our type and not just anything that others like. Live life as you are and make it yours.

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