Chinese Symbol Tattoos are Here to Stay!

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Tattoos are becoming ever more popular nowadays. They're a perfect way to express individuality, committment, enthusiasm, desires, and many different outlooks on life. Tattoos have become more acceptable in our society, so more people are getting them at an early age.

When someone thinks about getting a tattoo, the thought of getting a Chinese symbol tattoo naturally crosses their mind. The mystery, intrigue, and beauty of the symbols draws them in. Chinese symbol tattoos often express deep meaning and are indicative of their owner's ambitions, character, and views. Take the strong willed person who gets a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for strength. It's mysterious, meaningful, artistic, and conveys how the persons feels about them self.

A Chinese symbol tattoo can be comprised from any of the 80,000 characters in the Chinese writing system. That's some selection! While one could scour an online dictionary to find the meanings of all of these, most people wouldn't dare attempt such an incredible feat. There are only a handful of Chinese symbols that get used for tattoos. Of these, words that express emotion or that are symbolic of character are the most popular. For instance the Chinese symbols for love and happiness express emotion, whiles the trust, patience, and strength symbols are attributes of one's character.

There have been many times when a person gets a tattoo only to realize later that it says something like "stupid American". That's just one example; unfortunately there are many more. Some other common mistakes are Chinese symbols being inked backwards, characters missing strokes making them say something completely different, or the tattoo artist altering the inking to the point that the tattoo no longer means anything.

An important point to consider is this. If getting a Chinese tattoo, don't trust the tattoo artist solely on his/her word. You may regret it if you do. It's imperative to find your own design and run it by a Chinese person, who reads and writes the language, to ensure it actually says what you want it to. If that's not possible, you could use online resources like Yahoo answers or forums. If going the second route, make sure you get more than one opinion of what the symbols actually says. Think of the alternative, getting a permanent blemish inked on your skin that Chinese people chuckle at when you walk by! Not cool.

Some people think that Chinese symbol tattoos are greatly over used. It is true that a lot of people have them, but a lot of people also have ordinary skull or eagle tattoos, which were once considered unique. Tattoos express individuality, and each person chooses to portray that differently. More power to the people who decide to get a Chinese character tattoo against social norms. Besides, they make great conversation pieces and are fun to draw!

In conclusion, getting a Chinese symbol tattoo is a great idea, even if they're already everywhere we look. It's pretty easy to find the symbols online nowadays and bring them to a tattoo artist to have them done. If you ever decide to get one, just make darn sure that it actually says what you want it to before letting the needle touch your skin. Tattoos are great ways to express yourself, just as long as they aren't slandering you without your knowledge!

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