Chinese Calligraphy: The Oriental Art

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Chinese Calligraphy is a revered Oriental art form that resembles a painting rather than the written word. Different from other types of calligraphy, it has many underlying expressions and conveys different emotions, morals & values in a very aesthetic manner. Basically a form of writing, Chinese calligraphy is taught by learned teachers who explain the exact techniques as well as the history and development of this ancient art down the ages. But to say that it can be mastered solely by training would be wrong. The power of writing the characters is inherent in some people who can only fine tune it by learning and practicing it.

Drawing themes from the heritage and cultural folklore of China, the Chinese Calligraphy derives its fundamental nature from the Chinese history that spans thousands of years. Though abstract, the brush strokes require immense concentration to get them right otherwise the words could imply something completely different than what the writer is trying to say.holding the brush properly and applying the right pressure is very important to form the characters in a precise manner.

Called ‘Shu Fa’, this form originated in China was a crucial factor for selecting executives at the royal court. Later it was adopted across other countries in the Orient including Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam that added to its growing popularity. Today, it is recognized and appreciated the world over for the uniqueness of the strokes that can only be done by a practiced hand. In the West, the Chinese Calligraphy is learnt in a different way by first recognizing the characters of the language as well as their construction and the development from the oriental culture. Picasso and Matisse were two painters who admired Chinese Calligraphy very much and this even reflected in their works. The scholars in the west believe though that this form of calligraphy has its origins somewhere else and consider it very complex. Nevertheless, it is a very spiritual form of expression through language that reflects the beauty of dance, music and painting together in one, which is why it is considered held in the highest regard in the art world.

Nowadays, Chinese Calligraphy is seen in modern art forms and turns up in fashion and graphics as well. Thus, the art form stays revived in the present generation in a popular way and has found interest among the people from high class societies to the common man as well.

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