Children’s programs on DISH Network

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In the initial years when television has started gaining popularity slowly but at steady pace people often thought of television as the device that had a bad impact on a child’s innocent mind. In other words television was an absolute no- no thing for children. But in the era of Satellite TV there has been a drastic change in the thought pattern of majority of people. More so with the launch of DISH Network during mid 90s the people’s experience of watching television has undergone a sea change. Now DISH TV has been looked upon as an alternative for book and papers for imparting knowledge and understanding. Not that there are channels that only cater to the needs of education and learning faculties, the children can also have a galore of entertaining moments with DISH Network. The more they stay amused the more they can treat us in good activities and excellent behavioral mood.

So far as programming is concerned DISH Network has a plethora of programs that are created specially for children. Catering to the needs of kids of different age group DISH Network has come up with varied programs round the clock. The DISH Network think tanks have found it imperative to provide age appropriate programming content for children of different ages. There are special programs for five year old toddler, while for the children of ten to twelve years DISH Network has offered different programs that are of very high standard. To enhance the level of television viewing to a great extent DISH Network offers some of the channels in HD programming mode. In this way you can enjoy stunning images along with superb sound track system and as a result a movie theater like ambience is created at your home. Can you ask for more?

Delving deep into the matter let us focus our discussion on some of the special channels for kids and children. Let us deal with them one by one:


Airing on DISH channel no 264, this exclusive channel for kids offers programs for children of all ages starting from toddler, teenagers to youths. You can watch exclusive kids’ programs like animated shows, talk shows, musical videos, drama and plays, educational, health programs.


No entertainment for kids is complete with Cartoon Network. It is on DISH TV channel no. 176. It is in fact the first animation network that airs programs 24X7. You can avail all the exclusive programs that are available for all the cartoon lovers. Be it timeless cartoon series like Tom and Jerry to all the latest arrivals in the world of cartoon you can get them all at this DISH TV channel.


Nick at Nite, available on DISH TV channel no. 170, airs exclusive cartoon programs that include I Love Lucy, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, TAXI, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Bob Newhart Show, and Dragnet. It offers exclusive programs that can appeal to kids of all age groups.

Besides there are special channels like National Geographic, Science Channel where kids have the scope of learning and gaining maximum of knowledge and understanding.

Satellite TV offers a range of programs through its various channels. Be it for the kids, for the youths or for the aged people, you will find every sorts of programs through DISH Network channels.

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