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In doing my latest pursuit of a subsequent Harry Potter, I'm certain that I've found a runner up to that title. The Road To Dendura - Book One Of The Creed Griffon Series is a fantastic read for ages 9 to 99 and I do think that he is our next Harry Potter.

That isn't the way it is with The Road To Dendura. Trust me, I've read huge numbers of books within my lifetime and I can tell you that the tale of Creed Griffon will live on for many years to come. I am pleased to say that I was reading and advising Harry Potter to my in laws, friends, and co-workers well before the boy wizard swept the hearts and minds of the entire country. I also was one of the first to get a Percy Jackson novel and give it to those same relatives and friends. Now, they believe me fully since they know I've got a knack for picking up on good stories that are destined to be a hard hitting book series or even major motion pictures.

Currently, The Road To Dendura, is gaining ground in America's Battle of the Books or ABB. It is is a reading incentive regimen for students in grades 3rd-12th. Pupils read books and come together to demonstrate their talents and test their understanding of the books they have read. Girls and boys and grownups like Creed Griffon because it is such a pleasure to read. You end up turning page after page and in no time you're in another chapter. Then you still cannot put the book down because you're interested to see what will happen next. C. L. Lewis has a way of speaking to the reader directly. Her words, the dialogue of the characters, flow and read as smoothly as two kids talking to each other at the school bus stop or two adults having a conversation over a good cup of coffee. That is how books should read, smooth, continuous, while driving you towards an edge of the seat climax that makes it all worthwhile.

You will definitely love the Road To Dendura, Book One of the Creed Griffon Series, by C. L. Lewis - if you liked Harry Potter.

I truly do love a good book to read in my spare time. Right now, my search for the next Harry Potter has led me to the Creed Griffon Series and The Road To Dendura. If you liked Harry Potter, Narnia, or Lord of The Rings, then you'll love taking an exciting journey with the newest magical kid on the street - Creed Griffon. It's great for kids aged 9 to 99, and it is at the top of my list as I continue my quest. In fact, many schools are now adopting Creed Griffon and The Road To Dendura in America's Battle of the Books (ABB) reading programs. It is available at Barnes and Noble or - simply go there and search for The Road To Dendura.

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