Children’s Duvet Covers – Making Bedtime Interesting for Your Child

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Every parent has the experience of struggling to get his or her child into bed. After a day full of activity, entertainment, and exploration, going to bed can seem painfully boring, especially to an imaginative child. A well chosen duvet cover may be the solution. Remember that children do not need to turn their imaginations off when the nightlight goes on. Children are more willing to spend time in their rooms and to go to bed when the time comes if their bedrooms are filled with things that express their personalities and excite their interest. This includes the bedding on their beds, especially the duvet covers that protect their comforters. Children’s duvet covers that engage children’s interest can actually make them look forward to going to sleep every night.

There is a wide variety of children’s duvet covers on the market. Your child can choose from a wide selection of colors and themes. Little girls may gravitate toward a duvet cover in the pink spectrum, such as Strawberry Cordial Pink, Quilt Pink, or BeBop Pink. Boys may prefer the blue hues of Blueberry Cordial Aqua, Quilt Blue, and Bebop Turquoise. Girls who enjoy the glamour of dress-up will love a Glitter Princess duvet cover, and boys who spend hours during the day playing with toy cars will love curling up under a Muscle Cars themed duvet cover at night.

Children’s duvet covers appeal to children of all ages. A young dinosaur enthusiast may start with the whimsical Dino Lime duvet cover and eventually graduate to a more serious Jurassic Dinosaur cover. Younger children may embrace Rain Forest Frog and Taffy Candy duvet covers, while older children will prefer more grown-up tones such as Tartan Red.

With children’s duvet covers, it is easy to change your child’s bedroom décor to suit his or her changing interests. Updating your child’s room is as easy as unzipping and removing one cover from your child’s comforter and replacing it with another. Your best bet is to look for duvet covers that are affordable and easy to care for. Try to find duvet covers that are 100% cotton, machine washable, and fully reversible to a solid color. Why limit yourself and your child to just one duvet cover? With two or three duvet covers, it is simple and convenient to rekindle the joy your child takes in bedtime rituals by updating your child’s bedding.

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