Children of War

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People find it troubling when crimes are committed by young people, most likely minors. It is a sad fact that today's youth are becoming more involved in violence than ever before, especially those in countries torn by war.

Children's rights question those children in war stricken countries. As the law asserts, they must be given proper attention in difficult times such as these. It is in these situations that children are separated from their families, forced to be hold guns as soldiers and are held into captivity or must grudgingly killed.

50 years ago, a 15 year old child by the name of Anne Frank described the turmoil of war and what has brought her. Presently people find the same situation, a living nightmare of a little girl, diminishing the hopes and dreams of children presently in jeopardy. There have been number of accounts were mortality rate of children are the most on the list. Massive graves of children which were forced to join the war though not in their own accord seems to be placed in every step of clay there is in their country's soil. But as they were killed, a more troubling fact is that they were also killers themselves.

Children are being trained to brutally kill other men, no matter who's and as to what race they belong to. As if it's not enough torture for them to be separated from their families. Their lives are thrown away from refugee camps wandering aimlessly and then stumbling over being caught in cross fires that they too participate in.

There are however changes that occurred 50 years since Anne Frank's time. Child's death has fallen by about 50 percent. Sick children are more taken care of and hunger is being conquered with the help of organization from around the world who are ready to take a step in making this difference.

It is but a cruel truth, cynical in every way that the future which we try to secure dearly is being used for destruction. Innocence is taken before their very eyes and life is but a curse rather than a blessing. They should be loved and valued not treated like some thing which is dispensable. They are more than that. Anne Frank is but one of the many victims of this turmoil that man, he himself, has created, but things should not happen like last time. It was one mistake that people must learn from not linger their thought into.

There is this big step each must take to help make the change so longed for the children held in war. People find this a difficult feat, but it is facing difficulty head on that things are set straight. Something may not seem right, yet to not try and lie idle to the more important things is the reason as why there is grief in the first place.

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