Children Just Love to Dance!

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For all parents, the physical and mental health of their child is of paramount importance. Habits developed throughout childhood are highly likely to be continued well into adult life. This means that if your child leads an active and healthy lifestyle, theyíre likely to maintain this healthy lifestyle in the future and far more likely to pass these habits onto their own children. We all know how challenging it can be to find a physical activity to keep children engaged, especially when thereíre so many distractions such as the internet which can keep your children glued to a chair. If youíre looking for a fun activity that your children can participate in, dancing is an excellent option.

There are a whole host of reasons why dancing is a great activity for children to participate in. Most noticeably, dancing is great fun for children and classes can often give them a great feel-good factor with an emotional high that is really good for their own sense of well-being. Dance classes also give children a constructive environment to burn off some of that endless energy they seem to have. Dancing also gives children a really positive attitude to exercise as it is great fun in comparison to running around in the rain. The result is that the vast majority of children who attend dance class are fairly slim and rarely have problems with being overweight. This is great for building confidence as it helps children feel good about themselves reducing the likelihood of them becoming self-conscious about the way they look.

The advantages of children learning to dance donít stop at the physical benefits as itís also a highly sociable activity too. By learning to dance from an early age, your child will learn how to interact with other children even more so than they do at school. The creativity of dancing also encourages children to use their imagination and discuss ideas with their peers to which can help them develop their communication skills and also encourage them to develop long lasting friendships too. In fact, many adults have a passion for dance which developed when learning to dance as children and has kept them in touch with friends that they made at their very first dance class!

As well as being highly enjoyable, active and social, learning to dance is also a discipline which carries its own benefits. As well as being physically challenged, dance classes will also mentally challenge your child who will be required to perfect very intricate movements and memorise routines which can help focus their mind and maintain their interest. As your childís ability to dance improves, their self control, discipline and co-ordination will also progress which almost always has a positive effect on a childís confidence.

If you think that dancing is good for your child then itís highly likely that youíll find a number of dance schools in your local area. Once youíve found a few, itís worth checking them out online and speaking to the teachers to find out which one is the right one for your child. They may be required to attend dance classes around three times a week so make sure you select a school that is reasonably close so you can easily take them to and from classes.

When it comes to choosing dancewear, itís highly likely that the dance school will require your child to wear a uniform. Thereís no need to spend a fortune as many popular dance brands such as Capezio, Dance Gear and Bloch produce high quality dancewear such as leotards and ballet shoes at very competitive prices Ė this is very useful given that children can grow at a very fast pace!

I. Evans is a resident writer for Dance Gear Direct Ltd., a UK company specialising in competitively priced quality dance wear. Visit for more information about ballet shoes and jazz shoes.

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