Children and Omega 3 - Protecting Your Child From Certain Diseases

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Proper supplementation of omega 3 does not only include those of adults; parents could start ensuring their child's health most especially their mental health as early as possible. Because the brain is about sixty percent fat and omega 3 is abundant in our brains tissues and nerves cells it is best to supply sufficient amounts of omega 3 to children to protect them from disorders such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and hyperactivity disorders. Children and omega 3 should be properly monitored by physicians to give the optimum health necessary to ensure your child's future health and well being.

There are now products in the market featuring fish oils and omega 3 properly formulated to suit the needs and demands of the younger generations. Children and omega 3 were known to promote better memory and mental health because the brain functions in its utmost if sufficient amount of essential fatty acids are present within. Omega 3 also improves sleep and prevents the occurrence of anxiety in children.

Experts also claim that children become less aggressive in their moods and become much better at their school activities like reading and spelling. There is also improved bodily coordination, much better vision and also lessens lung problems such as asthma. Low level of essential fatty acids most especially that of DHA often results to a number of mental disabilities and possibly suicide by the time they reach their young adulthood where hormones are known to create much erratic behaviors that at any other age. Proper diet and nutrition is always a must for every child and omega 3 should be a part of their diets to ensure them much better brain activities for a lifetime.

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