Childhood Movies -- Make a Family Movie Night

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When I was little, a special night of family time that brought more joy than almost anything was when Mom, Dad, and we kids would stop everything else we were doing on a weekend night and view our collection of old family movies. wholesale electronics shops in those days didn't have convenient, powerful technology. The old films, mostly showing we children, provided us a rich and powerful way to strengthen our memories of earlier days. Our family would get to see time and again the happy occasions around the house - family reunions, holidays, working on special projects, fishing trips to the Boundary Waters, and family vacations.

Of course, the films back in those days did not have sound technology - it was as if we were viewing an a film classic from the Charlie Chaplin days of silent movies. Electronics wholesaler(s) then couldn't supply easy to use technology. Mom and Dad would usually supply our own running commentary, and often that would make the whole event even funnier. The oldest of the family movies were not in color. I don't even remember what type of media we viewed, but it was not easy to use or store. To watch the movies, we would borrow a projector from the school or from church, or sometimes from a neighbor. We also had one of those old movie screens that was stored in the closet.

The old family films in and of themselves brought back memories - happy memories of joyful times - but the process of sitting down, all of us together, and viewing the movies also created memories in and of itself. The parents would make a big bowl of popcorn or another snack often, and we would allocate a block of time so that the family could share the whole evening watching the family films.

With the widespread growth of video capability available at today's wholesale electronics shops - it is surprisingly simple in modern times to get a great movie of just about any event you can imagine - there is a tremendous opportunity never before seen. The cameras are easy to take anywhere, affordable, of superb quality, and easy to use. The media (DVD especially) are easy to manage and inexpensive. It is also easy to replicate and give copies to family and friends. One thing that we do with our movies is to make copies and keep a set of copies in our bank's safe deposit box. Should a disastrous event ever strike your home, you surely do not want to lose the family movies!

It is somewhat ironic that now, with such improved movie making technology, families may not be taking the opportunities to gather together and watch the old family movies with each other. In the old days, it was a special event for us. Perhaps part of what made it special was that it was so much labor to make it happen - finding the equipment, etc. The fact that it is so convenient to do in these modern times should not take away the magic of sitting as a family and seeing the old films together. Be sure to take time to watch the old family movies! Take the time to enjoy the time as a family

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