Childcare Madison Provides Love, Care and Enthusiasm

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Childcare Madison provides an excellent educational foundation for infants, toddlers and preschool age children. Creative learning and hands-on activities are included in the daily activities of each child. Biblical Christian foundation materials such as songs and art projects are also included. This beautiful facility focuses on providing childhood experiences through caring and trained teachers, staff and administration.
Every day at Madison daycare is completed with puppet shows, stories, indoor and outdoor play, and repetitious teachings that provide young children with a foundation for reading and math. This excellent facility is complete with kind and supportive staff and teachers who are trained in early childhood development and understand the importance of creating a joyful and stimulating environment in which children can easily learn. The knowledge that children learn best in a fun-loving, interactive and stimulating environment which is guided by caring and loving adults is foundational in the training given to every staff member.

Childcare Madison provides meals for the children. Parents are able to enjoy the freedom of not having to pack breakfast, lunch and snacks for their child. The food served is both nutritional and kid friendly. Reserved parking is provided for parents so that they can easily drop off and pick up their young child. Safety features at this beautiful facility include fingerprint access in order to gain entrance to the building. This is a huge benefit for both staff and parents as it creates complete peace of mind concerning who is able to gain entrance to the building. Child safety comes first and the enclosed outdoor play yard is also child proofed and provided with adequate security. Your young child's safety and educational development is the focus at Madison daycare.
Each classroom teacher is provided with a teacher's aide so that the teacher is able to focus on the educational needs of the children and is not distracted with the need for bathroom breaks or pull-up or diaper change. Someone is constantly available to wipe a dirty nose, to help a child cut out their art project and to ensure that each child is given a smile and conversation that they require in order to develop a healthy level of self-esteem and a foundational understanding that they are needed and loved. Each classroom at childcare Madison is beautifully decorated and includes the camp adventure room, the preschool art room and the treetop clubhouse. These beautifully designed rooms are excellent spaces for interactive and creative play. The colorful and fun classrooms are enhanced with stimulating activities such as interactive puppet shows, number recognition and alphabet sounds, tear free handwriting and book reading. A fun education during these early foundational years is essential to the future educational enjoyment. Give your child an education that will last by giving them an early education that starts at infancy.

Each child at day care Madison experiences repetitious learning and a friendly group experience which provides each child with interactive social play. Along with educational stimulation each child also experiences character training including sharing, kindness, patience and generosity. The Christian basics are incorporated into the curriculum and animation is included to capture each young child's attention. The generous penguin is one of the characters introduced to the children. Child care Madison is a kid friendly and parent friendly facility that thrives on a foundation of love, kindness and enthusiasm.

Kids Junction provides quality Christian based Childare Madison and Madison Daycare

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