Child1st Publications - How To Use Word Wall Games And SnapWords (TM) With Your Child

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If your child is just learning how to read, write and spell, you probably have a strong desire to help him or her. However, if you don't have a degree in early childhood education, you may feel a bit uncertain how best to go about being an ally to your son or daughter. Fortunately, there are numerous learning tools, including word wall games; you can use to make reading a fun, exciting experience.

There are a number of word wall games you can play with the patented SnapWords (TM) products to help you familiarize your child with new words. Below are just a few of the reading-related games you can play with your son or daughter.

"Pop Up" Word Wall Game

Number of Kids Suggested: 4 or more

Activity Time Allotted: Stop the game as soon as interest begins to wander.

During this word wall game, each child will "pop up" when they hear their name, and will come up to the pocket chart to choose a word they can correctly read. This game works best when the pocket chart is full of words, rather than displaying only a handful. Encourage children to be selecting a word when it is not their turn so they are ready to pop up quickly when their name is called. Do not use this activity for teaching and explanation; rather keeps it moving quickly so that no child gets bored.

Benefit of "Pop Up" Word Wall Game: Children will have the chance to practice reading common words (sight words) they have just learned, and build their fluency the more often they play the game. This will enable them to begin to read faster and more accurately.

"Where's Word-O?" Word Wall Game

Number of Kids Suggested: 1 or more

Activity Time Allotted: 10-15 minutes

During this word wall game, a number of SnapWords (TM) cards are displayed on the pocket chart. The instructor (this can be a parent) calls out a word, asking, "Where's [insert the word]?" If one child is playing the game with his or her parent or guardian, the activity can be timed to see how quickly he or she can find the word. On the other hand, if this word wall game is being played with a number of kids, the adult can go around the circle and ask each child individually where a certain word is located.

Benefit of "Where's Word-O?" Word Wall Game: As children read through the sight words, looking for the correct one, their reading abilities will become stronger. Eventually, sight words will be instantly recognized.

"Around the World" Word Wall Game

Number of Kids Suggested: 3 or more

Activity Time Allotted: 10-15 minutes

In the "Around the World" word wall game, the adult picks out a SnapWords (TM) card and gives it to a child for him or her to read aloud. After he or she has correctly identified the word, he or she will be given the opportunity to pick a new SnapWords (TM) card from the deck and give it to the next child, who in turn will do what the first child did. This activity continues in a round robin format until all the word cards have been used.

Benefit of "Around the World" Word Wall Game: Children who play this game benefit from practicing reading the words a number of times. The repetition helps them to remember the words, while the game format makes it fun. If you'd like, the teacher or adult in charge can award stickers after the game as rewards.

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