Child Support Attorneys-2 Critical Elements in your choice

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The breakdown of a relationship with children caught in the crossfire will force you to engage the services of a child support attorney. There are a number of important things to look for the best child support attorneys

1. Experience
Your child support attorney will need to be experienced in the whole area of matrimonial dispute, child custody and divorce. There are many fine attorneys who do not practice in this area at all and would have vast experience in diverse areas such as commercial law, criminal, probate, litigation and so on but these people are of no real benefit to you.

The various areas of law outlined above necessitate different skills and approaches and it is essential that the attorney you choose has extensive experience in the breakdown of relationships, whether marital or otherwise.

2. Knowledge
Because the child custody laws, and indeed most laws, will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction it is vital that your attorney is familiar with the laws of the state that he/she will be working in. Which state's laws apply in any given situation can be an area of contention and can lead to significant cost for one or both parties.

If your attorney is working for you in a state/jurisdiction that he/she is familiar with then it is a huge advantage to you in your battle.

Remember that a specialist child support attorney will know the judges in the state pretty well and will have experience of the various preferences of the judges concerned.

It is true that judges are supposed to apply the law equally and fairly and in most instances they do..but you must remember that they are still ordinary people and the attitude of judges to the interpretation of various laws on the statute books will vary and it is these little nuances that a good, experienced child support attorney will be aware of.

In summary it is important that if you find yourself in the situation of needing a child support attorney it is in your interest, and in the interest of your child, to carry out some basic research before hiring your attorney.

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