Child Custody Help - How to win your child custody battle with ease

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Child Custody Help - An introduction to winning your child custody battle:
Divorce - The Battle begins....
It is a sad time in any family when the relationship between parents breaks down, especially when there are young children involved.
Divorce and separation often lead to the children becoming pawns in their parents bitter battles, a scenario all often to familiar to many of us including myself.
The aggrieved parent often uses every trick in the book to discredit and dishonour the other party and it is this aspect that often is over-spilt into the vulnerable and impressionable young children's minds - how many times do you know someone who has been told the "children don't want to see dad/mum" ... familiar?, this is a common ploy in divorce and begins early in most cases with one parent or other using the children's vulnerabilities to win favour in the long-term plan of keeping the children all to themselves.
Children First:
It is important to understand in any divorce, that the children's interests are kept paramount at all times, as much as you may not like the idea of the other parent playing a part in their lives, it is something you have to deal with but NOT AT A COST TO YOU, this is where I managed to get a successful divorce settlement for my kids but without compromising my quality time with them.

I always agreed the children should see their father as often as possible but this is where we disagreed, he filed for sole custody and this is where the twisting, corruption of tiny minds and so forth began and you often wonder whether it is all worth it....of course it is, THESE ARE YOUR CHILDREN!!
Golden Advice:
To be honest, at the start of my family proceeding court case I could not afford the extortionate fees family lawyers were asking and took as much advice as possible available and I came across a guide which listed all the different aspects of family custody battles that you wouldn't dream of thinking about, the strategies, dirty tactics used and more.
If you are self-representing, just get as much advice as possible and don't be afraid as the courts are often sympathetic to self-representing parents and these cases are not conditioned or conducted in the stereo-typical cases you see on television that frighten the life out of you
Make sure your case is presented clear and with direction and you will be fine, make sure you read some more tips and advice to help you along, there are invaluable tips for both mothers and father's if you care to look here for more advice

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