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For my birthday this year, I got the movie I've been looking for since I finished reading the book (in pdf). Cheers to that! I got Time Traveler's Wife, a movie about a guy who time travels unexpectedly bringing him to meet his wife's 6-year-old self. Actually it's a love story and I'm a fan—sort of.

It's a tear jerker, a hair raiser, a complete heart jumper; it's hard to take the eyes off from the screen once a good movie starts playing. Find people who are movie fans and you'd be surprise.

In the age of Ipods, IMaxs, DVD players and YouTubes, movie marathons are a complete buzzer. They get people's attention and have them hooked. And ever since films began rolling, it seems that genres are distinguished according to what men thinks are cool and what women take as fun.

Guy movies are films that define man's masculinity in every way. The action packed flicks: the muscles, the ammos, the ladies, the cars. These are but a few that can be considered "For the boys only so BACK OFF" or "KEEP OUT". Some of these movies are that of James Bond series, Mission Impossible, and Rocky.

Girls have their own reason to enjoy movies as well. Everything that touches the emotions are keeps for the chicks—that's why these movies are called chick flicks. From dramas to romance, girl meets guy; guy meets girl, sparks fly. They may be tear jerker at times but are totally fun to watch.

The action is for boys; the dramas and romance for the girls. But like today's modern trend where ladies wear pants and do stuff that were once "only boys can", and boys taking careers where girls are most known to dominate; surely movies have their own twist that allows the ideas of films from the other gender's preference to be accepted by the other as well.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, DOA, and Double Jeopardy are action films which have women for heroes thus these are considered chick flicks. These are films that show off the other side of womanhood—strong and smart. Types of movies such as these are a showcase of woman's evolution.

Men have also their say with dramas. The Butterfly Effect, 8 Miles, and Benjamin Button are but some of those who have touched emotions showing the sensitive side of the male species. They cry too, matter of fact, and at times are more in touch with life than women.

We may find people enjoying the things that were not likely to fit their preferences. They may surprise us at times but gender movies of man and of woman has changed through time. Even women enjoy action as some men enjoy chick flicks like "Confessions of a shopaholic". As of the moment, I don't even care whether the film I got is for the ladies or the gents. What's important is to sit back and relax while enjoying the movie as the DVD turns.

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