Chi Straightener: the Next Big Thing in Hairstyling

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ou can now achieve the hairstyle you have always dreamed of—at the comfort of your own home! Whether you prefer to don a sleek, super-straight mane or would like to sport some bounce and curls, a chi straightener will make it all possible for you to achieve your dream hairstyle. Now, you can create wonderful hairdos without always having to go to a salon and having a professional do it for you. The straightener also makes for a great activity for female bonding with friends and families.

Ergonomically designed, a chi straightener is a revolutionary product that is widely used by hair professionals in the United States. A real steal, this product eliminates the need for a bunch of other styling aids and materials like hot rollers and curling irons. Using infrared technology, it breaks down the hydrogen bonds and negative ions in the hair's cortex, making it possible for users to shape and control their hair. The result: a controlled style that has a smooth and natural finish.

Unlike previous hair irons that has metal plates, this tool boasts of ceramic plates. While metal plates can have hot spots, chi straighteners evenly distribute heat all over its plates, reducing the risk for getting your hair scorched and all dried up like a prune. What's even better about this new product is that with the use of infrared, you can now style your hair almost everyday. And compared to most hair irons in the market today, this one creates hairdos that last longer.

Another plus factor for the chi straightener is its ability to heat up fast, beating old-fashioned hair irons which can take half an hour to fully get heated. It is also wonderful to note that this fabulous product maintains a certain degree of heat unlike other hair irons that just get hotter and hotter. This makes for an even heat distribution in your hair.

For beginners and home users, it takes a bit of patience and practice before you can enjoy using the chi straightener. If you want to have perfectly straight hair, then it's best to buy the two-inch plates. But if you enjoy experimenting with your hair and would like to be seen bobbing a curl or a flip, then you should also invest in the one-inch plates. Either way, this hair aid works best for taming frizzy or curly tresses to shaping cute curls or wonderful waves. There are a lot of videos in the Web that can shows a step-by-step process on creating different hairstyles, all you need is time and the determination to do it.

If you really want to achieve a professional result using the chi straightener, don't forget to use the other products intended for use with this hair iron like the heat protector, styling aids, shampoos, and conditioners. Ideal for travelers as well, this one-of-a-kind tool is also convenient and small it can go anywhere with you. With a heat-resistant storage pouch, you don't have to wait for another hour or so for the iron to cool down before you can pack it away. Make like pro

and bounce your way—or sport that sassy hairdo—around town with the new chi straightener. With this new innovation, your dream hairstyle is achievable in no time.


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