Chi Hair Products and 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Sedu Hairstyles

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Many women have been wandering how celebrities like Jennifer
Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Hannah Montana can have beautiful,
super straight yet shiny as glass hair. Do they always go to the
salon to have their own hair stylist do it all the time? How much
cost and time do they spend to have those gorgeous hairstyles?

A little known secret about celebrity hairstyles is they're using
a sedu flat iron and they can do it by themselves even without
help from their stylist. Shocking huh? It means that everyone,
including you of course, can have those allure to stylish
hairstyles too. It's a must have beauty accessory so you can
finally get those celebrity hairstyles.

Whether you have short, medium length, thick, or even curly hair,
the sedu flat iron has come to your rescue to begin creating
amazing hairstyles. However, like most hair style products, there
are some degree of risk that may damage your hair if not done
properly. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when

creating sedu hairstyles and how to avoid them.

1. Use Sedu Flat Iron on Wet Hair
Here's the first tip on how to protect yourself from damaging
your hair. Always wash and condition your hair before any
styling, even a little dampness can cause damage to your hair and
the result won't satisfy you. you can also apply some tonic to
damp hair, and if you use a hair dryer don't make your hair too

2. Incomplete Rinsing
One thing that almost no one knows is any excess oil or grease in
your hair can break your styling work. You don't want any
chemical substances from shampoo to damage your hair permanently,
so make sure you clean and rinse your hair properly.

3. Using Wrong Width Flat Iron
One of the biggest reasons people fail when creating their own
Sedu style is using the wrong flat iron for their hair type. As
general rule of thumb the length of your hair determines which
width is best for you. If you have short to medium hair use 1"
flat iron, while medium to long hair is better to use 1 1/2" flat

iron. Exceptionally, if you have curly or thick hair you can use
1 1/2" flat iron to reduce styling time and effort.

4. Improper Heat Control
Every flat iron has a heat control on it, use it wisely. Avoid
overheating your hair by using paper tips before applying
styling. You can do it by taking a small paper, spraying with
water then position it in between the flat iron plates. When the
paper gets dry but not burn, it's time to adjust the heat.

5. Touching Your Hair After Finish Styling
Touching your hair directly using fingers not only can burn your
fingers but also can damage your work. Let your hair cool down
first, it makes the hairstyle stay longer.

If you follow these sedu hairstyle tips, sure your will have no
difficulty getting your favorite sedu hairstyle while preventing
any damage to your hair. Patience is the key, take your time to
practice styling, soon enough you will make your own sedu

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