Chemical Peels for Wrinkles Are Not Your Best Option

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Why do people insist on trying chemical peels for wrinkles? Is it due to our obsession with refusing to age gracefully?  

Whatever the reason, many people including myself feel that there are too many dangers associated with this method of reducing wrinkles. What many people experience is short term pain and long term damage caused by chemical peels for wrinkles. 

What I prefer to do to fight the onset of wrinkles is to use a natural based anti aging cream that is high in active natural ingredients.  

How A Chemical Peel Works 

Quite simply, it burns the top layer of skin completely off. Doesn’t that sound nice! In some instances, this will require the patient to wear bandages after the procedure. So, if you get the peel done on your face, it could be covered in bandages afterwards. 

Chemicals Used in Peels

Phenol: This is not used very often anymore because it was known to cause deep skin injuries due to its toxicity. In addition, by absorbing into the skin it could also cause a potentially fatal heart rhythm. Needless to say, it is good that this is not used much anymore.  

Glycolic Acid: This is used often in chemical peels for wrinkles and can cause superficial skin injuries not as serious as Phenol. Often people will need to get multiple peels using this substance because of limited results.
Trichloracetic Acid:  Used often for a medium depth peel. The results are often painful with swollen red and crusty skin for up to a week.  
If you are really concerned about looking after your skin then why not spare your skin the discomfort and potentially painful side effects and use a safe effective natural anti wrinkle cream. 
Not only is the right wrinkle cream safer, it is also quite a bit less expensive than chemical treatments for the skin. 
What makes the best ant aging creams effective?  

Specifically, they contain active natural ingredients that help to stimulate the body to increase production of vital skin proteins that contribute to the elasticity and structure of the skin. Now, doesn’t that sound a lot less painful that applying chemicals to your face in order to ‘burn off’ a layer or two of skin? 

One aspect of using natural facial creams that you must be aware of is that they are not miracle products. You need to use them continuously for several weeks before you will begin to notice an improvement in your skin. 

If you are like me, then you will stay away from the pain, discomfort and potential scarring associated with chemical peels for wrinkles. Stick with something that is safe and effective without the possible side effects.

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by Tara Mathews

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