Chemical Free Cleaning for Your Home

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It's easy to stock your cleaning cupboard with non-toxic cleaning supplies, and you don't have to sacrifice the sparkle. Ever wonder what all those scary symbols on your cleaning products mean? They mean they are dangerous to your health. Most conventional cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that put humans and the environment at risk. Chemical ingredients can range from mildly irritating to poisonous and can cause respiratory tract irritation, skin inflammation, eye irritation, nausea, headaches, dizziness and even vomiting. Some are known or suspected carcinogens.

Spraying and wiping surfaces with dangerous toxins just doesn't make sense: you are polluting your home while trying to clean it. There are safe alternatives to the caustic brews that have become so mainstream, and we don't have to trade a clean house for a safe house. Nontoxic products are now widely available—and are as effective as they are safe. Manufacturers try to scare us into buying anti-bacterial products, but the truth is that we don't need them and we're much healthier using non-toxic and eco friendly alternatives.

Here's some scary news: when we purchase a conventional cleaner it's impossible to know all the dangerous solvents and disinfectants we're bringing into our homes because manufacturers are not required to list ingredients. Manufacturers of Earth-friendly cleaners, however, have nothing to hide and for the most part willingly disclose their safer and natural ingredients to the consumer.

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