Chemical Agents in Cosmetics Irritate Sensitive Skin

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For me and millions like me, sensitive skin is a lifetime problem that is difficult to live with. I can't use many cosmetics because my skin breaks out in huge swaths of acne. This is an embarrassment, as well as being unsightly and painful. I have to wear sunscreen to go outside, even if it is for 15 minutes. I have a hard time finding moisturizers, creams and SPF containing potions that don't irritate and break out my skin. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on cosmetics, only to find they won't work for me after the first use. It is a huge waste of money and time. So how can women like me look their best while using non irritating products? Which ingredients are best for people like me? What are the chemicals that irritate sensitive skin?

Most cosmetics use perfumes to mask the bad smells of chemicals in their products. These perfumes are very harsh, causing sensitive skin to swell, dry, or break out. Cosmetics and sunscreens containing PABA can cause extreme irritation is some people, causing them to skip sunscreen all together. Alpha-hydroxy acid can cause can cause permanent damage to skin that is sensitive. Colors and preservatives are also culprits.

Using products with natural ingredients and are free of chemical preservatives, pigmentations and perfumes are the only truly safe cosmetics for those with sensitive skin. There are hundreds of products on the market today which meet these qualifications, yet still irritate skin, especially foundations and mascaras. Try to find a full coverage powder foundation. Liquids tend to block pores, disallowing natural processes essential to your skin's health.

The best products on the market to day for sensitive skin are mineral foundation
that are PABA, nonos, soy, bismuth and parabens free. This narrows the field of choice down quite a lot. I have found one company that sells products that are chemical free whenever possible, and contain almost exclusively naturally derived products. Because their products are natural, they come highly recommended for sensitive skin. They carry organic lipstick, organic hydra gloss for the lips and nearly every organic mineral powder foundation shade you can ask for. You can find them at

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