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DIRECTV, the leading satellite TV provider of the United States offers you the widest range of 160 full time HD channels. Apart from this you will get access to more than 400 latest movie releases. Watch all the channels in 1080p HD with excellent picture quality which is as good as the Blu Ray disc. Whatís more? You will be amazed to know that DIRECTV is the first service provider to launch HD 3D channels!

Enjoy watching your favorite programs HD channels with DIRECTV. The crystal clear picture quality will certainly be a treat to your eyes. Feel that you are actually watching movie in a theatre. The characters literally come to life on your TV screen. You can also record 2 shows simultaneously while watching 2 more from the playlist. Whatís more? Now you can also manage your DVR playlist from any room and schedule your recordings from any mobile phone or computer. You will also get a separate parental control option for every single TV. What more can you expect from DIRECTV packages?

DIRECTV packages enable you to set your mobile application. This is useful in the sense that it allows you to manage your DVR practically from anywhere. With this, you can watch NFL games whenever you want. DIRECTV HD 3D opens up a whole new world of opportunities at your fingertips just at the mere click of a button. Given below are the various applications of DIRECTV:

n 3D DIRECTV: This is a latest addition to the 3D pack. DIRECTV has collaborated with some of the leading studios and networks so that they can provide you with the most recent and updated HD 3D content. n 3D DIRECTV is a brand new channel that has been brought up with the earnest efforts to offer you the best of programming that is related to music, sports, arts, nature, 3D sports and a lot more. For more information on this simply tune into channel 103.

DIRECTV Cinema: DIRECTV Cinema shows the most recent movie titles and Hollywood blockbusters. In addition to these you can also watch documentaries in 3D. All you need to do is to tune into Channels 104 and 105. However, note that some of the titles require your DVR to be connected to the internet.

ESPN 3D: ESPN 3D offers you more than 85 live sporting events. This is really great newz for all the sports fans who do not want to miss a single sporting event. You can refresh your memories with the games of the last World Cup along with the final games. Just tune into Channel 106 and enjoy your fill.

DIRECTV constantly upgrades their products and brings new technologies into play. Check out their latest packages and feel the difference.

Check out the latest DIRECTV channels and grab the latest DIRECTV offers that come your way.

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