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Undoubtedly, technological developments have played a huge part in our daily lives these days. With it, every task has been so easy and convenient to do. For instance, readers used to bring a hardbound and paper-back book, but thatís no longer the norm these days. Most individuals now choose to have an kindle reader for it is more sophisticated than the traditional form.

This product, also called as an e-book device, is a portable automated gadget that is primarily designed for the purpose of reading digital books and periodicals. Its form can be likened to a tablet computer. However, it offers better readability of screens especially in locations that are exposed to the bright sunlight, plus it has longer battery life. Itís also distinct from those traditional books in the sense that it uses e-paper technology.

Through the years, creating such kind of device has made several manufacturers become so popular. To name a few, thereís Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony and more. In the midst of a tough competition, Amazonís Kindle has stand out among others in terms of features, functionalities and price. Several versions of this gadget have been released to amaze everyone.

The device just recently have three new models namely; Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and the DX 3G. Between the first and the second version, only the former has 3G capability. With that, users can only connect to the internet if there is a wireless network nearby. However, both have a lot of features in common such as having 6-inch paper-like screen, longer battery life and larger memory that can save up to 3,500 books.

Other feature includes its ability to download in wireless areas in a matter of minute only. It uses new Pearl E-Ink technology that displays 50% better contrast and the sharpest text. Not to mention, the fact that it allows you to adjust its font style and size to satisfy your needs. The device also supports non-Roman fonts like Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Russian. Additionally, it highlights Read to Me, the basic web browsing, plus an MP3 player.

A costless 3G connection in over 100 countries worldwide is provided by Kindle DX Reader. This one has a 9.7-inch screen display size, which is relatively bigger than the other versions. Unlike the 6-inch models, this is more expensive, but it provides the best quality of experience that you wish to achieve. Read either through landscape or portrait mode; thatís possible with this gadgetís auto rotating screen. Built-in PDF reader is likewise available in this unit.

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