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In simple terms, a cheat device is some kind of device, usually a cartridge of disc, designed for the sole purpose of helping a video game player to cheat. Such devices allow their user to input special cheat codes that manipulate a game outside the parameters of its original programming.

Some of the more common effects of using cheat devices result in gaining infinite lives or invincibility, unlimited ammunition and having certain things unlocked. Such devices can create an unfair advantage for the player or at times, create a disadvantage for the player. With some games, you may have the option to play unreleased levels, or use unreleased items. Other games allow you access to the debug menu used by the games programmers.

The operation of a cheat device is usually a rather simple process. The devices will usually use the same port as a game for the system. With some game systems, the game can be plugged in through the cheat device. When powered on the software on the cheat device will be loaded and the correct game can be selected. From this point it is only a matter of choosing the cheats that you would like to activate.

The three most popular cheat devices that are used are as follows.

Game Shark
Game Shark is the brand name for the line cheat cartridges that are available for a variety of game systems including computers running Windows. Mad Catz, Inc. currently owns the brand name and they have made products available for the Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and the Playstation Portable. Unfortunately, the Game Shark has never been endorsed by the manufacturers of the products they work with and the devices have also been known to cause serious glitches when in use.

Action Replay
Created by Datel, the Action Replay is a very popular cheat device and is used in most parts of the world. The Action Replay is currently available for a number of gaming systems including the Playstation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64, and even the Sega Dreamcast. Datel has recently released a model for the Nintendo DS also. Over the years, Datel has received several complaints from the gaming world about its products.

Code Breaker
The Code Breaker first appeared on the Sega Dreamcast and is developed by Pelican Accessories. Marketed as the Xploder in Pal regions of the world, the Code Breaker and Xploder systems are available for Playstation 2 and the Game Boy Advance. With newer versions for the PS2, codes can be uploaded from a USB flash drive or typed in using a USB keyboard. The Code Breaker is a good cheat system, however finding codes compatible with it can be a little tricky.

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