Cheap USA Toll Free Conference Calls

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If you're in the U.S. and need to make a conference call, USA calling rates are among the lowest on earth. Toll free conference calling is incredibly inexpensive, making a toll free call one of the best ways to communicate with a large, diverse group scattered across the nation. For just pennies per minute, the total cost of your teleconference could be minimal.

How much does a conference call (USA callers) cost? Let's look at a typical toll free conference calling plan with a rate of 3.9 cents per minute as an example. Since this would be a toll free call to the conference call USA callers, the callers would not pay a penny. Instead, the host of the call pays the entire bill. Toll free conference calling requires that the host of the call pay for each minute that each caller uses. If you had 30 callers participate in the conference call USA for 30 minutes each at a rate of 3.9 cents per minute, you'd have a total usage of 900 minutes of toll free conference calling. Sounds like it could be expensive, doesn't it? However, the total cost of this call would be just $35.10. What if you had twice as many conference call USA callers or stayed on the line for a full hour? You'd still have a bill of well under $100.

Contrast the cost of toll free conference calling with a live conference and you'll immediately appreciate the cost advantage that a conference call USA delivers. Even if you could host 30 individuals at your office, you'd easily pay more than $35 in refreshments. Most likely, you'd need to rent a meeting room and incur other expenses. If these same participants are also employees, productivity would suffer as a live meeting requires travel from branch offices. Meanwhile, individual participants would incur expenses of their own including additional time and travel expenses.

Toll free conference calling becomes even more attractive as distances grow greater. By hosting a conference call, USA attendees from across the nation can participate without having to board an airplane or stay in a hotel. In fact, many toll free conference calling plans allow you to reach out to participants outside the United States as well with an international conference call. USA and international attendees alike can easily participate.

Several options are used to extend a conference call across borders including support for international toll free numbers and "leader dial out" features where the moderator dials individuals located outside the USA. Keep in mind that while the United States features incredibly low per minute calling rates, the rates for other countries vary dramatically.

If your toll free conference calling needs are primarily focused on connecting callers located in the U.S., you can definitely take advantage of low rates and cheap USA toll free conference calls.

AIT offers low cost conference call USA rates with per minute rates as low as 3.9 cents per minute for toll free conference calling. In addition to low rates, AIT offers excellent sound quality, MP3 call recording, leader dial out features, online account management, joint USA and Canada calls, and much more all on a pay-as-you-go basis with no contracts, no minimums, and no hidden fees.

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