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It’s really hard to still be a Detroit Lions fan, the most obvious football statement since “Concussions are bad.” This team has been playing badly for more than 50 years now. The last time the Lions won an NFL championship was 1957, before the Super Bowl even started. The ‘50s were the golden era of Lions football, they won three championships in the decade (’52, ’53 and ’57). Last season, defensive end Charles Grant helped the New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl. He said Wednesday he sees championship latent with the Bears."Chicago was a great fit," Grant said. "They have all the tools and what it takes to win the Super Bowl, and if you're a player, you're going to look for those tools to win, Chicago has everything to be in that championship game in Dallas."Technically, Cowboys Stadium is in Arlington, but I digress. Whereas the NFL is not expecting a record number of fans at Super Bowl XLV next February at Cowboys Stadium, the league is making the game a bit more accessible to the common fan.
In one of the News reports that corporate sales of tickets are down this year, mainly due to the economy, therefore making Super Bowl XLV a bit more available to the fan. Super Bowl XLV will be the first Super Bowl to be the Dallas area, but the third for the state of Texas. Houston hosted the other two, Super Bowl VIII and Super Bowl XXXVIII. The members in Super Bowl XLV are yet to be determined, but one thing we do know is that the game will be held at Jerry Jones’ billion dollar football paradise, Cowboys Stadium, just outside Dallas in Arlington, Texas. The Super Bowl is larger than life and at last, it seems, we have a venue that is appropriate with the event itself. Cowboys Stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world with the world’s largest column-free interior and a high-definition television screen that runs sixty yards from one twenty-yard line to the other. None other than Al Michaels described this place as “Awesome, spectacular, unbelievable.” Those are the words that have been associated with the Super Bowl itself in the past. Combining this world-class football game with this world-class venue is certain to make the Super Bowl as big and bad as ever in the coming year in 2011.
Twenty-six of forty-four Super Bowls have been played in New Orleans (nine times), the Greater Miami area (ten times), or the Greater Los Angeles area (seven times). The current NFL policy is to hold Super Bowls only in cities which have an NFL franchise. Do not miss the chance to see breathtaking games of Super Bowl championship games of NFL. Come and get cheap super bowl tickets from our site and enjoy the live matches with your friends and family.

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