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In comparison to wired handsets, mobile phones accomplish more work and provide more entertainment. But, if you are not getting all this fun due to your contract phone then it's high time to switch to pay as you go phone. Though this phone format does not accompany additional offers like freebies and monthly incentives but they can accomplish a lot of work in a very short time.

Today, mobile phones are not only a communication device, but also it became as a fully loaded entertainment media device which can do a number of tasks. The latest handsets are equipped with many hi- end features and innovative techniques as high resolution camera, Wi-Fi, music player and many other features which result in the raising the price of the mobile phones.

Though, contract phones come with maximum benefits and generally for this reason people go for them. But, when after getting into the contract the user do not get satisfactory services then feels cheated and regret over his decision. If you are also a victim of such situation then it's time to try pay as you go phones. Though they do not bring extra stuff with them but they give complete essence of network freedom.

These days cheap pay as you go phones are getting more popular among the UK mobile phone users. Because in the contract deals the user have to sign a contract with the operator and he has to stick up with that service for the contract period and he get the monthly bill at the end of the month. In simple words, the customer unwillingly stuck with the network even if he wants to switch to other network. But in the PAYG deals you have to pay first and then you can use the service and you have to pay for what you have used.

These deals are best for the people who don't like to pay hefty mobile phone bills. In the PAYG deals you get the power to control your mobile expenses. Moreover, you are free to switch to network of your choice whenever you feel like. Almost, every mobile brand has launched its handsets in this phone format. You can check out various cheap pay as you go phones via various online mobile phone shopping portals plus via clearance stores.

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