Cheap Mobile Phones - A Happy state of affairs

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Every new Blackberry smartphone handset including the new 3G phones are on offer for free under one or the other contract phone deals that requires the buyer to pay not more than 45 per month for the maximum period of 24 months only. In fact, for many Blackberry smartphones the monthly payments are even less and hover around the 25 per month mark. And that too, in certain cases, the contract period is even less and is 18 months only. The new handset is any way yours. But so are some calling minutes, text messages and internet data allowances as free incentives that will be extended to you every month of the contract period.

If the famed Blackberry smartphones are selling so cheaply can the other new Mobile Phones handsets be any way costlier? No a chance in the world. And this includes the fourth generation Apple iPhone 4.0 too. The 3 Mobile network carrier is offering the Apple iPhone 4.0 16 GB device for free under its pretty reasonable 45 per month for the period of 24 months only. Do we need to give more examples. We do not think so.

Not only the contract phone plans, the other mobile phone deals such as the SIM free deals, and the pay as you go mobile phone offers also sell all these new mobile phone handsets at prices that will make most customers drool for sure. And quite a few of these deals also sell the new mobile phone devices with the ultimate attraction of a free gift or too as well.

Here, the point to be noted is that the free gift with the mobile phone is over and above the other standard incentives that any way yours for the taking. It does not matter in the least which latest mobile phone we are talking about. They will all be sold as cheap mobile phones only for sure. You can pick up any 3G phone and any prevailing 3G phones offers to realise that what we are stating here is true.

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