Cheap Long Distance: Top Three Cheap Long Distance Phone Service VOIP Myths

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Used for long distance phone calls, standard analog voice-grade POTS phone services have been around since the early part of the last century. Now, these data packets are being transmitted online. Termed VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, real time voice gets digitized as these data packets transmitted and received over the internet. However, VOIP has come a long way from the time that it was only used by early adopters. Now, it is widely used at home and business with cheap long distance phone service VOIP. Unfortunately, however, there are still some misconceptions regarding VOIP. Read on and learn more about the top three myths regarding VOIP today.

Myth #1: You can’t use VOIP phone service without a PC.
This is among the myths that were once true, but not anymore. A long time ago, cheap long distance phone service VOIP needed soundcards, earphones, microphones, and a PC. Today, there are cellphones with VOIP capability. Over the years, manufacturers have come out with phone-like devices for VOIP. Today, you only need a broadband internet connection at home and an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) device connected to your DSL router as well as your analog phone. When you have these, you can make and receive VOIP calls without your PC.

Myth #2: VOIP phone service gets lousy sound quality.
To the extent that voice gets digitized, coded and compressed into fixed length data packets before transmission over the internet, and then decoded and converted to analog voice when received, the VOIP process was heir to some latency problems in the past, with delayed transmissions and reception. This is yet another one of the cheap long distance phone service VOIP myths that had some truth in the past, but not anymore.

With the right VOIP phone device, service, and broadband internet that can keep up with coding and decoding packet data as it gets transmitted online, voice quality is actually better. Digitized data allows you to hear a converted analog voice as clear as day. The assumption, however, is a reliable internet connection.

Myth #3: VOIP phone service is not widely used.
Did you know that starting in 2005, the sales of Internet based PBX surpassed those for traditional analog PBX? In fact, by 2008, 50% of small to medium scale enterprises in the US started using VOIP. While regular analog phones remain the mainstream phone system in use today, the growth in cheap long distance phone service VOIP has grown significantly that it has the potential to become the telephony standard very soon.

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