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International calls are a necessity of the world. The market is full of many methods to make cheap international calls like access numbers, calling cards, text and talk and global SIM.

There was a time when communication was based on messengers, then came the era of letters. They were fulfilling the needs of the people but the only problem was the unreliable delivery system. People were getting the letters very late and sometimes not getting at all. Then the era of telephones came. This was very beneficial for the users because messages were instantly delivered and talking to people live was possible. But the concept of calling to distant countries was still not there. And when international calling was introduced the conventional calling rates were so high that people could not afford it. Due to this reason there were some methods introduced. The network providers came with ideas like calling cards, access numbers and text and talk.

The access numbers offer the cheapest calling rates with freedom of calling for as many minutes and as many numbers as the user wishes. The combined bills of all those calls are received with the regular telephone bill at the end of every month. This way there is no need of getting recharges and top-ups throughout the month. To get this number all that you need tot do is to log in top some smart mobile shopping portal. There in the choice of cheap international calls you need to select access numbers. Then you need to enter the source and destination countries for the calls. The source country is the country from where the call is to be made, while the destination country is the place where the international call is to be made. Then you will receive an access number which you need to note down. This number is to be prefixed to the destination number whenever a call is to be made to that particular country.

There are other methods like international calling cards and text and talk which provide cheap international calls. But these methods are either not so cheap or so easy. This is the reason that people still prefer the access numbers.

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