Cheap Halloween Costumes

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If you've seen pictures or YouTube videos of a recent Halloween parade in Hollywood or New York City then you know that some folks go all out dressing up. These aren't cheap Halloween costumes by any stretch of the imagination. In fact not only do some folks spend upwards of several hundred dollars for their outfits but the more industrious types also spend several months creating and crafting their costumes. If you have the budget, you can certainly compete in that league but there is nothing wrong with a perfectly executed cheap Halloween costume.

The classic stand-by idea for a cheep Halloween costume is the white sheet with two holes cut out for eyes: instant ghost. Of course you can create many variations on this cheap Halloween costume idea. Instead of a white sheet, you could cut holes in a bright floral print and goes a more "flamboyant" ghost. You can accessorize your ghost outfit with belts, hats and wigs. And if you stick with the white sheet, you can make a statement by writing out a slogan or plastering your sheet with bumper stickers and go as the ghost of your last car.

Another cheap Halloween costume idea is to simply slip on a sports jersey and cap and go as a fan. You could add to the costume by finding all those ballpark souvenirs you once bought like the big foam finger or pennant. And there is nothing wrong with going as a super fan by painting your face with the colors of your favorite team. Of course you would never do that in real life but for a cheap Halloween costume anything goes!

A trip to your local thrift or Goodwill store can provide an abundance of cheap Halloween costumes. While it is true that a lot of the donations for these stores are by people giving away clothes that no longer fit them there are just as many people giving away clothes because they are downright hideous! This means you'll able to get an inexpensive version of a disco outfit or some other tacky ensemble. You could also merely mix and match outrageous prints and go as a runway fashion model. Have you seen some of those outfits?

No matter which outfit you pull together, the fact that it is a cheap Halloween costume should be a badge of honor. Imagine coming up with something fun and clever then to be able to say it only cost you 8 bucks! You'll be the hit of the party or parade for sure!

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