Cheap Greenhouse Build

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Planning a Cheap Greenhouse Build

So you've finally decided on that cheap greenhouse build! You're going to spend hours on end in your own tropical haven. Long weekends hidden away from the world in your own little bubble. Growing all those wonderfully exotic plants, your own fresh vegetables, the delicious fruit, all with a cool beer and a smile to match. But wait! Have you actually thought about it, I mean beyond "I could get a cooler in there for my beer".
Here are some of the things that you should actually consider before you rip the ice-box out of the kitchen.

Plan Plan Plan

Before you start digging a crater in the yard, think about the space that you have. Make sure that the area you choose is free from shade and gets around six hours of sunlight a day. Remember that you will need a ready supply of water and electricity, so no building two miles away from the house. Whatever size you think you need go bigger, you'll be amazed at how quickly you run out of space. A common fault when planning a cheap greenhouse build is height. Make sure that the roof apex is high enough to allow you to stand and work in comfort.The eaves of the greenhouse should also be chosen to suit your final layout and working environment. Choose a plan that suits your skill level. If your unsure about the planning phase buy a set of plans, this will ensure that you know exactly what you need before you start. Plans to suit all skill levels can be found here. They are well written and incorporate a large number of designs.


Make sure your plan suits your budget. This is after all a cheap greenhouse build, don't let your costs spiral. Price everything from materials to delivery costs. Try to get everything from the same supplier and see if you can get a discount. Have a look around the yard, is there anything there that you could recycle? Some old timber for instance could be used for the base or a door frame. Consider building a lean-to greenhouse against an existing wall or building, this will leave you with only three sides to build, cutting down on expenses.


It's usually best to prepare the ground prior to building. There's no point rushing in and starting to build your structure if the ground hasn't been properly cleared and levelled. One day of preperation will save a lot of persperation! As with the planning stage, preperation is everything. A good set of plans and good preperation will make your cheap greenhouse build a breeze. Make sure that you have all the materials and tools that you need. If your going to be using cordless tools nows the time to charge them. The last thing you need when it comes to the building stage is to be running around the neighbors looking to borrow a drill. At some point during the build your going to need a helping hand, so enlist the help of a buddy.

Getting Started

The big day has arrived, the weather is perfect, "I'll have this finished in no time at all." STOP! Unless your planning on building the Taj Mahal, most greenhouses can be built in just a few hours. Read your plans and follow them, don't jump three pages ahead just because you get to use your drill. Read them and follow them in order, complete one section before moving on to the next. Keep referring to your plans and don't take it for granted that the next section was the same as the last. You could end up with a greenhouse without a door! If you have enlisted the help of a buddy make sure that you each know what the other is doing, you don't want to waste precious materials building the same section.
As you complete each section put it to the side out of harms way until it's time to connect the sections together. Once all sections are complete stop, have a well earned beer and have a look at your plans again. Start piecing your sections together so that they fit snugly, don't bend and hammer sections together, take it back out and check it, it could be the wrong way round. When all the sections are connected and secure, it's time to start covering your greenhouse.


Take your time when covering your greenhouse, although this part might seem the easiest, it is also the most important. It must be waterproof and windproof, so no nasty gaps. When you've finished the roof check it for leaks with a hose or a bucket of water. If it leaks, fix it, don't leave it till later. Water leaks will lead to dampness and rot as well as destroying your first crop. Pay special attention to corners, if need be use some silicon or other filler to close any gaps. With all this complete you should be able to stand back and admire your brand new cheap greenhouse build.

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