Cheap Cameras Quality Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR

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The Nikon D3200 is a solid, well-designed entry-level digital SLR camera with excellent image quality and a few weaknesses, are not necessarily decisive.

But now the details.

Occurs, treatment and management

Cardboard generously extended can be found on the same side of the D3200 and the kit lens or the usual accessories (belt, battery, charger, cables), warranty cards, a CD with the image processing software ViewNX2 inside, a light printed manual and a DVD with a detailed manual (other languages).

Camera and lens are plastic housing, but otherwise solid work and should be very well done. The machine body has a slightly rough surface, and the main surfaces of the support are non-slip rubber, so that the device can process and therefore safe.

While the SD card slot is located behind a solid, the pressure flap found that (at least as important) the battery cover a bit 'less mechanically robust and a bit' fragile - a little ugly plastic hanger keeps the valve closed . Well, I could not find the rubber plug for the electronic connections.

The screen has a moving image is not to judge the brightness and resolution sufficient, but provides only a moderate contrast. Furthermore, the anti-reflective coating is a bit 'too low.

All controls have a solid, are useful places, easy to find and work perfectly. The camera responds very quickly to inputs, and can also navigate through the menus is smooth.

The user manual has a simple, clear, and with a little 'photo-experience without special knowledge Nikon themselves. (Only Nikon concept of art "Active D-Lighting" -. Automatic brightness digital)

Image quality and function

The image quality of the D3200 photo is excellent throughout, as expected. Contrast ratio and color reproduction are impeccable.

The high resolution 24 megapixel course is offered at a higher image noise. Even at ISO 100, you can see in detail, but it is up to ISO 800 without problems even at high magnification. Since there are no strong outliers (pixels significantly distorted), is similar to film grain rather than analog overall impression. ISO 3200, but the noise starts, destroying details and also affect the overall impression of the screen. Depending on the personal torment that would normally want to go to ISO 800 or 1600.

The D3200 exposed safe and relatively uniform, that is, in my experience, the more likely it easy to underexposure.

The white balance sometimes has trouble with models dominate, where a strong color. Thus, the green rose bush cover is gray in my garden on the pictures of the test space. Take a little 'more colors again. Usually the ratio is balanced colors and skin tones are generally good.

The change is not very long, but evident, at least for a DSLR not exceptional. My children have always been half a hand movement continues until the camera had captured. In Live View mode, it is very uncomfortable here it takes forever to activate - snapshots are virtually impossible.

In the series D3200 shoots in RAW + JPEG shooting about 10 photos in 3 seconds until the internal buffer is full, and then (depending on the memory card) is much slower. When shooting in JPEG (highest quality) about 40 photos in 10 seconds inside the box.

Kit with AF-S DX 18-55 VR is lightweight and compact. It focuses quickly and relatively concentrated almost in silence. Mapping services are poor. Especially for wide angle there is a separate CA and edge blur. The distortion is evident in the wide angle, but still acceptable (cylindrical), low telephoto (pad). For JPEG output can be calculated on lens distortion. The Image Stabilizer provides decent job but real and helps to balance the moderate brightness of the lens.

D3200 RAW (NEF) show the image content, and above all the noise about 18-25 MB, the best quality in about 5-14 MB JPEG (on average about 8 MB). Nikon NEF form apparently recently been modified so that it can be read by RAW D3200 only by advanced software. Now the plugin for Photoshop CS CameraRaw appeared in version 7.1 compatible. Photoshop Elements users (including latest version 10) still use ViewNX2 internal conversion Nikon. (Incidentally, the size of NEF files swells when saving changes to greatly MB ViewNX2 30-40.)

For users who want to do any RAW processing on the computer, the function of integrated transformation can be useful.

The type of battery D3200 (EN-EL14) is the predecessor to the D3100 and D5200 Series is also found in, D5100 and P7000er. It contains a chip that is read from the camera and is designed to prevent these batteries work with other producers. I think it is useless and annoying. After all, there are now more external batteries compatible, but because of the technical complexity are not so low as in other types of cameras.

The supplied battery charger is a bit 'bulky, where an attack Euro plug directly attached to the body. Unfortunately, these trips and is difficult to remove again (on the road).

Very positive, however, is the fast data transfer via USB to your computer, in my case, a class of 10 SanDisk SD card with 30 MB per second.

Video mode

The videos of the D3200 offers decent color reproduction, but the 1080p resolution and relatively large with particular frequency 25 Hz frame and rough. Personally, I like the 720p video at 50 Hz better.

The microphone can be seen more as a last resort and offers a sound quality just acceptable with a high background. While two tracks is recorded in monaural. So, in order to discern an external microphone is required.

Even though the changes are focal silent auto focus that generates scratching noise clearly audible. If possible, you should turn off when recording with the internal mic.

Overall, the video feature of the D3200 is, in my opinion, a nice little bonus', but less suitable for the most demanding. (Video Specifications:. 1080p AVC max at 25 fps or 720p at 50 fps each run about 20-22 Mbps data rate, PCM stereo audio at 48 kHz, 1536 kbps)


The Nikon D3200 is definitely a great entry level DSLR. Who can pass up a screen also makes it with high standards of image quality without errors. Nice, I think that the power of high resolution means little compromise in terms of performance in noise.

Given the current pricing structure, but the D3200 is competing with the increase in previous-generation model, it is only in the resolution a bit 'soon. According to the requirements of other properties currently the D5100 the same undertaking or, if you do not need to be a Nikon, in particular, the Canon D3200 is a better choice.

By itself, the camera provides a very successful show minor defects. Therefore, I give 5 stars

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