Cheap Business Phone Service That Control Long Distance Charges

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ONCE youíll have cheap business phone service installed in your own business, you will definitely not incur any long distance cost. Why? It is simply because a cheap business phone service runs over voice over Internet protocol or VoIP. That simply means it will use your existing T1 or T3 connection to get hooked to your clients, subscribers, distributors, suppliers, etc. You donít need the long distance cost anymore because you donít use a conventional phone. Everything runs through the Internet. As if thatís not enough, your business will be provided with state of the art new telephony coming from Cisco by the master solution provider which is otherwise known as the business phone service provider. There are many kinds of Cisco telephony provided. It may be erected on the couch or at your desk cubicle. These phones are loaned to your business while you are still subscribed to the cheap business phone service. And then there is a six-month lockout on that, otherwise your business will be paying the termination fee or an equivalent of three months of subscription rate. But the master solution provider is confident that you will never pay the termination fee since they are confident of the quality of the service they provide.

Thatís because all of the cheap business phone service providers out there are competing on which of them tops customer satisfaction surveys, most of them commissioned by independent third party firms which do not have any business relationship with the master solution provider.

And besides, the master solution provider is really a sturdy firm since it has been established way back before the days of the Internet. Then they have evolved. So aside from offering cheap business phone service, a master solution provider also offers DSL connection. But beyond DSL connection as well as satellite and cable connection, they also offer a special kind of connection for bulk customers. This is the T1 and the T3 line. They are dependent on the size of the subscribing business. For instance, a business which has only two collocations will pay only the minimal rate as compared to a business with more than five collocations.

For these kinds of businesses, there is one thing sure Ė the T1 or T3 pricing is really reasonable. So do not waste your time in not connecting to a master solution provider to anything from enterprise hosting to a cheap business phone service.

Author has been writing about digital management solutions as well as ds3 speed and cheap business phone service for years.

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