Cheap and Discount Magazine Subscription Deals

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With most cover prices on the newsstand averaging around $4, magazines are expensive to say the least. There's an easy way to stop paying ridiculous prices for magazines that can save you some extra cash: buying your magazine subscriptions online. The Internet is the best way to find who offers the best cheap magazine subscriptions and there are many companies that have the ability to offer lower prices because they sell high volumes of subscriptions and because of their relationships with many publishers.

How does it work? Just like buying through a magazine drive, online magazine subscription sites carry a wide range of magazines to choose from; usually organized by the general category they fall into. Titles such as "Automotive" and "Fashion & Style" are broken down so you can find your favorites, such as Car & Driver or Cosmopolitan. Some sites are even broken down by price, so you can browse for individual cheap magazine subscriptions that way, such as "Under $10".

The greatest advantage of purchasing your subscriptions online is that you can use a debit or credit card to pay for them and since the transactions are done electronically, you don't need to mail anything into the publisher or worry about sending a check for your bill through the mail with all of your personal information on it.

If you love reading magazines, look for sites that offer excellent package deals, such as a four-magazine special for just $35.00/year. You can choose any four magazines from a diverse selection of titles and get all of them for just $35.00. If you do the math, that winds up being just $0.73 an issue for any subscription that is published monthly, which is approximately 80% off the cover price if the average cover price of each magazine is $4.00. You may think that ordering through a publisher is the way to get the best deal, but the math speaks for itself.

Best of all, cheap magazine subscriptions make a great gift! When you know someone who loves to read magazines it's not always easy to afford to buy them their favorite subscription. Subscribing online offers the ability to ship magazines to multiple addresses, making it possible to do just that--buy cheap magazines subscriptions as a gift and also buy them for yourself!

Another great way to take advantage of these amazing prices is if you own a business, such as a salon or office where it's necessary to keep clients occupied while they're waiting. Since you're already paying business expenses, ordering cheap magazine subscriptions online won't put an additional dent in the budget.

Just like subscribing through a publisher, your first issue will arrive around six to eight weeks after your place your order. There are no hidden costs or fees and you don't pay for shipping, you just get a discount on your magazines, and who doesn't want cheap magazine subscriptions? Even though you subscribe online, the site you order from acts as a subagent of the publisher and your subscriptions are managed by both the site and the publisher.

If for some reason the magazine you subscribe to ceases publishing, just like any regular subscription, the publisher will attempt to replace it with a comparable magazine. If you're unhappy in this situation, or if any other problems with your subscription arise, you're always welcome to cancel your subscription online.

So what's the best way to get cheap magazine subscriptions? By ordering your magazines around 80% off the cover price with!

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