Charles Ergen: Fighting The Odds

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Charles Ergen started off with little to show that he could build up a multi-billion empire some day. Back in 1980, he was selling oversized satellite dishes in Colorado. He just had his best friend as business partner, with his would-be wife chipping in. A couple of decades down the line he had built up his empire and become the largest provider of satellite TV services in America. His company, EchoStar, is now the parent company of Dish Network Inc, the number one dish TV service provider. He has brushed aside competition from the cable TV networks back in the 1990s, and his archrival DirecTV during this decade. Nothing could stop Charles Ergen from making it as a businessman and as a successful entrepreneur.

Charles Ergen started off his career rather dubiously. He was once a professional gambler in Las Vegas casinos. That’s when he was caught counting blackjack cards and thrown out of Las Vegas. He saw a truck carrying satellite dishes across Colorado. The idea stuck him instantly. While others may have thought that he was acting on the rebound, but Charles Ergen knew that he had what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. He worked hard to save up on money. There are plenty of stories about how he made his employees work harder than ever and pinched money from every endeavor that he could. But you can never point out an instance of scam or fraud against Charles Ergen. He may have cut costs with extremely stringent measures, but he never did something that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would not approve of. His ways were new and different, but never negative.

Charles Ergen’s purpose was to provide an entertainment option to every American. He dreamed that every American home would have access to satellite TV. To make it economically possible, Ergen continues fighting a battle to keep the price tags reasonable. Dish Network packages are among the cheapest in the dish TV segment. He could comprehensively beat his chief competitor DirecTV with some smart marketing and promotion. He forced DirecTV to look for specializations to keep afloat. Today you find DirecTV sticking primarily to sports. That leaves the entire entertainment spectrum open to Dish Network Inc. His cheap offers have allowed many disgruntled cable TV subscribers to take up satellite TV connections. He has simply redefined American TV.

Charles Ergen doesn’t endorse fraud or scam. As he fights to keep the price tags on the offers low, he also doesn’t believe in paying hefty amounts to channels to make them part of the Dish Network bouquet. His rigid approach to pricing has seen him rub many entertainment channels the wrong way. In some cases Ergen didn’t have an option but to eject them from the channel packages of Dish Network Inc. These channels have thrown mud on the brand image and reputation of both Ergen and his company. But Ergen knows that as long as he can keep entertaining his customers, these trifles will fade into the clear light of his achievements.

Charles Ergen is popular name in the field of Satellite TV. He made it from a blackjack player to the owner of Dish Network Inc.

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