Channels Time Warner could lose on 1/1/10

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Even though negotiations still continue on, it does not seem as though Time Warner will be able to work out a deal to continue airing Fox network programming. But it's not just the Fox network and FX channel that Time Warner customers would be losing; other top networks will be lost as well.

Top Channels Time Warner customers are at risk of losing on 1/1/10

Encore Movie channels - The loss of the Encore movie pack includes Encore Action, Encore Love, Encore Mystery, Encore Drama, Encore Westerns. The Encore movie channels provide viewers this weekend with blockbuster hits like Lake View Terrace, National Treasure Book of Secrets, Paul Blart Mall Cop, and Walk Hard.

Food Network - Every time I watch this channel it makes me hungry. The Food Network will be airing a special this weekend with Michelle Obama. The First Lady, Bobby and Mario will have a culinary competition on Sunday night at 8pm at the White house.

Fuel - Fuel channel is absolutely one of the best action channels on TV today. If you are an adrenaline junky this channel provides viewers inside access to top extreme sports stars. You get the best inside scoop into sports like Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, BMX, Wakeboarding, and MOTO. Also the ever popular Adventurous Danny and Dingo show.

Speed Channel - The name says it all, the Speed Channel covers anything that has to do with going fast. Whether its an inside look into Nascar, Formula One, Rally Cars or Motorcycles. The shows on the Speed Channel will keep you up to date with the latest automotive trends.

The Weather Channel - Gives you up to date forecast of the weather in your area. The Weather channel also tracks potential storms or heavy snowfall that could effect your location within the next week.

TruTV - Features shows Like former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura's new show Conspiracy theory, Operation Repo, Bait Car, Forensic Files, Most daring, and many more. TruTV brings you some of the best Reality Tv shows on today

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