Changes on Windows Mobile 7

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The Microsoft Company has come up with the home Windows Mobile 7. This phone is an advancement of the home windows cellular platform. There is a rumor that this phone will make its debut on 21st October 2010 and will later be launched in the US market a month later. The sole intention of Microsoft is to come up with a product that will restructure the persons interface layout by merging the operating system with other features. By so doing, it becomes possible to regulate the hardware that it operates on. The introduction of the Windows phone 7 at the Cellular World Congress 2010 that was held in Barcelona came up with additional details on MIX 2010. The Windows Mobile 7 production was initiated on 1st September 2010 with the final SDK becoming available five days later.

The development of a competitive Windows cell update was started in the early parts of the year 2004. The delays that came about coupled with the canceling of the project have been major hindrances to the successful completion of the project. This led to Microsoft restructuring its search and coming up with a new cellular operating systems which are also known as home Windows phones. This was achieved in the year 2009. Subsequent delays made Microsoft firm to come up with a quick fix solution by the name of Windows Cellular 6.5 as they developed the Windows Mobile 7 phones.

The redirection brought about a positive effect of an accelerated time frame in the development of Windows Phone 7. The Windows cellular functions do not operate on home Windows mobile 7. Microsoft is endeavoring to access the market in a new light with the view of taking control and outdoing its competitors. The advent of the touch screen has enabled the Windows Phone 7 to gain acceptability in the mobile phone market. The Windows Phone 7 comprises of a new interface which is basically founded upon the Microsoft Windows phone 7 layouts which is also referred to as metro. This devise enables the user to sort, add or even remove tiles. This can be achieved in a flicker of a second.

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