Champaign Urbana New Home Builders

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Champaign Urbana New Home Builders

Building a home is an exciting time in your life. Champaign-Urbana can be a great area to choose to build a new concrete custom home. Champaign-Urbana new home builders can provide you with the most up to date materials and quality for your new home.

There are several advantages to building an ICF concrete home. ICF (insulated concrete forms) are reinforced to be able to accept the necessary concrete. They have been around since the late 1960 s. They have increased in popularity in the last several years. One of the many reasons for the increase popularity of ICF homes could be the end result. It gives you high performing walls, which provides you structurally insulated sound walls.

Comfort of an ICF home is defiantly can be a major advantage. The thick insulated concrete walls cut down on drafts and cold spots in the home. The extreme outside temperatures are evened out to give you a constant interior temperature. ICF concrete homes tend to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Another advantage is the flexibility in the design. Concrete homes are strong enough to support floor and roof systems. This leads to a large range of design capabilities.

Are you looking for a home that is energy efficient and quietness. Outside noises are reduced compared to traditional wood construction. If your lot is near a highway , train tracks or even airports than an ICF home may be what you are looking for. Also, using 32-44% less energy than a frame house. Not only will you may use less energy, but you maybe able to downsize the HVAC systems.

The last advantage is the health and safety of the building materials. There are no CFC's, HCFHs, or formaldehydes. Also, the increasing mold concerns in frame houses are not there in an ICF home. There would be no wood to rot or mold. In case of a fire they have a 2-hour fire rating. Icf concrete homes are pest and termite resistant. High winds will not effect the structure in a storm.

There are several advantages to building an ICF concrete home. And no better place than Champaign Urbana. Do not settle for a traditional frame home when an ICF home has several important advantages.

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