Ceramic Cookware

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Ceramic cookware

Cookware is an essential utensils element used for cooking in any home. There are various designs, styles, shapes& sizes, all varying in different price range for the different types of cookware. In this article, I will be shedding some light upon the glass cookware, its uses and the precautions that need to be exercised with it.

Always chose the appropriate material that does not harm the person cooking meals. There exists a range of ceramic nonstick cookware that suits both a normal oven & the microwave oven heat and perform the job quickly whereas glass ceramic cookware is not use for microwave heating. Glass ceramic cookware needs to be manufactured using high quality glass ceramics so that that the pots & the pans do not get damaged given the extreme amount of heat underneath it. To avoid cracks in it, use the glass ceramic cookware having smooth & unified bottoms.

Safety precautions

The size of your glass ceramic cookware set must match the actual size of the cooking stove, or else the cook might get serious burns &injuries from the high flames rising from the sides of the utensils. Never ever put your glass pots empty to get heated. Remember, they are not like steel pots that can withstand extreme heats even having no ingredients in it. This cookware can easily be damaged and broken into pieces heating up without having any ingredient in it. Glass although has its own charm & stunning looks, but make sure that the cooking stove table is not made from glass as well.

Avoid having any copper in pots or pans; because at high temperatures it can easily get melted causing the entire stovetop and the utensil to stick together, thereby destroying the entire cooking session and the meal. Cookware ceramic is a very popular choice among chefs and novice cooks alike. This is because it is insulating in nature, due to which heat does not have a quick reaction with it, making it a very safe and efficient choice for the professionals. Extremely lightweight and affordable, it is more sensitive & fragile as compared to other cookware because it can be easily broken into pieces if not handled with great care. Porcelain, earthenware & stoneware are those three categories of the ceramic cookware.

The porcelain material is of very robust quality and ranks as the strongest among all of the three cookware. It is multipurpose serving different functions of as microwave oven, stove and regular oven.

On the other hand is the earthenware ceramic cookware. If we compare it with the porcelain material, it usually is not as strong & durable. Furthermore given its nature, it is highly active in getting scratches and other sorts of materials.

The stoneware is as old as the 11th century. It is different from other sorts of ceramic cookware, because its manufacturing takes place at extreme high temperatures using gray clay. It makes an excellent choice for the households because it is durable and safe.

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