Centennial Olympic Park

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Many Atlantans will be hard pressed to ever forget one of Atlantaís most famous events in recent times: its hosting of the Centennial Summer Olympics back in 1996. Likewise, the place where it all happened have likewise been permanently etched into our collective memories, as the Centennial Olympic Park will forever be a lasting landmark for Atlanta. Nowadays, the Centennial Olympic Park is teeming with millions of visitors every year and plays host to a number of activities and events such as the Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day.

Though the Centenial Olympics of í96 is long over, the Park still attracts millions of visitors every year and is a familiar and permanent fixture in Atlantaís cityscape. The Centennial Olympic Park is conveniently located in the hub of scenic Atlanta and is surrounded by other equally prominent landmarks such as the World of Coca-Cola and CNN Center and the Georgia World Congress Center.

Every year, the Centennial Olympic Park celebrates the Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day and this happens but once a month, every month from spring to fall and features a new theme every month. The event is chock full of entertaining, interactive and educational activities for kids and parents. Because The Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day themes change every month, the activities always stay fresh and unique and still manage to get the drop on Atlantans and regular visitors all the time.

The themes that have been lined up for this yearís Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day are All About Sports, Games and Gadgets, and Our Many Cultures. Each theme is aimed to be as educational as they are engaging and fun. Activities will usually include family friendly performances, life-sized chess games, free vendor samples, specialty workshops, street performers, touring shows, kite kits for children, face painting, exhibits, prizes, contests and so much more. All this fun and excitement for free and open to all visitors, too! Itís no wonder that the event has been nominated by the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) as "Best Community Involvement" program in Georgia. The activities usually start by noontime and conclude by 4pm in the afternoon.

The Fourth Saturday Family Fun Day isnít the only reason why you should visit the Centennial Olympic Park, however. And chances are that it isnít, if youíre a first time visitor to the fair city of Atlanta. You would most likely be dropping by the world famous Fountain of Rings, also located at the Park. The Fountain of Rings happens to be one of the Parkís key features that attract countless visitors every year. Itís an interactive fountain that spouts jets of water in synch with music played from the speakers in the light towers all around the fountain. The fountain itself creates a splash pad for kids to play, as well as for joggers to cool off during a hot day and even for concert goers as well.

Daily shows for the fountain happen at the following schedules: 12:30 noontime, 3:30 in the afternoon, then again at 6:30 p.m. and finally at 9 in the evening. The selection of songs will vary, but a single show will usually have four to five songs played per show. The selection itself is very eclectic and features songs such as Twist and Shout, William Tell Overture, Circle of Life, Dancin in the Streets, Chariots of Fire, Fly Me to the Moon and Cliffs of Dover.

Another thing to look out for is the Engraved Bricks, where whole brick walkways are engraved with messages from each of their individual donorsóthe people of Atlanta themselves!

There is so much to see and do in Atlanta, and if you ever find yourself visiting the city, make sure you drop by with your family at the Centennial Olympic Park for an afternoon fun and games.

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