Cellulite and Cellulite Treatment - Demystified and Simplified

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This is not a discussion about what the cellulite problem is all about. It is about something better and that is the treatment for this problem. Quite a number of people go "Eeeks! I have cellulite" when they espy this problem. Some try and ignore it (for a few months at the most) and there are others who start searching for a treatment option immediately.

Formation of cellulite

Before you start searching for a treatment option, you need to understand the reason behind the formation of cellulite. If you have cellulite, blame the large amounts of fat in your body. This fat is usually stored in the thighs and buttocks and hips, which are the areas where cellulite is seen. The large amounts of fat are stored by your body using a complex protein network called collagen. Over time, the fat stores start putting pressure on the collagen strands and they are unable to withstand this constant pressure. This leads to a formation of lumpy deposits on your body, known as cellulite.

Treatment for cellulite

You can only get rid of cellulite if your body is fit, healthy and doesn't have large amounts of fatty deposits.

Surgical procedure: Two popular surgical procedures are used for treating cellulite namely mesotherapy and liposuction. The former involves administering various medications and nutritional supplements directly to areas affected by cellulite. This is done to stimulate the burning of fat. The latter is a cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of fat from the affected areas using a suction pump.

Laser technology: There are various devices available that use laser energy to get rid of cellulite. One such device is the Rio Cellulite laser that uses a combination of laser and caffeine to remove cellulite. The aim of any laser treatment is to stimulate the metabolic process of the cells and also accelerate repair and renewal of skin.

Massage: A treatment known as endermologie cellulite treatment is often recommended by dermatologists as an effective cellulite treatment. It involves massaging the various areas affected by cellulite. The massage is performed using a special massage machine having two rollers and a suction. The purpose of this massage therapy is stretching the connective tissues and mobilize the deep layers of tissue. This also leads to better blood circulation and fat loss.

Topical treatment: Many people use topical gels and creams that help rid their body of cellulite. These creams called anti-cellulite creams nourish the skin, strengthen and improve skin elasticity and also help in the regeneration of skin cells. The active ingredients of these creams work together to reduce cellulite big time.

Diet and exercise are the key

The above mentioned treatment options won't work without a healthy diet and disciplined exercise regimen. If you exercise regularly, it will help you lose fat. So, it can even keep your cellulite problem in check. This does not mean that exercise can help keep your cellulite problem away, but it will definitely help get rid of it faster. Another key element when it comes to cellulite treatment is diet that has very low levels of fat. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables, will help you lose fat and reduce cellulite by a long way.

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