Cell Telephone: From the Origin to Nowadays

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It is rather difficult to observe a person which is not using mobile telephone today. But only several persons may reply who created the chief mobile telephone, or what firm did it. The earliest cellular phone was invented in the middle of twentieth century by big telecommunication company.

The first proposition to invent a mobile telephone belongs to AT&T, (the firm that also suggests international phone card), or rather Bell Labaratories. It was rather intrepid suggestion for 1947, but the creators limited themselves initially to the idea of telephone assigned rarely for setting in an automobiles. They come across the trouble of great mass of phones at that period (near 30-40-kg), and it was uncomfortable to use such device.

The creators tried to find the decision of the problem of great weight of phones in 1950-s. And in 1970-s the phones lost a lot of their weight and their weight was approximately 12 kilograms, while the power unit still utilized board network of an auto . At that period, Motorola was proposed portable radio devices, but they did not consider cellular telephones making.

Martin Cooper, came to Motorola full of interesting suggestions in 1954 and opened a new page in the history of communications. He was medium clerk and was busy in the development of new portable apparatuses. His department maded the earliest handheld radio to Chicago police department in 1967. Having worked in Motorola for two decades he took a decision to desing a little cell telephone.

Martin made progress in projecting of the first cellular phone in a year. At the same time the company urged Federal Communications Commission (FCC), that private firms would demand gratuitous frequencies for the inculcation of cell telecommunication. Because of this there emerged a great skepticism from the personnel of the well-known Bell Laboratories, who didn't trust that those pocket telephones could be made with the lowest possible protraction. However they found a way out, which was for Motorola to become the enterprise that would introduce the modern system in.

As you can see, they even didn't guess that we can utilize international calling card to United States today. Hurriedly preparations for the field examinations started; it was appointed to April 3, 1973. On April third, 1973 earliest transponder was put on the top of Alliance Capital Building in New York City. The first model of BS could serve no more than 30 subscribers and connect them with stationary lines. A few knew its name was Dyna-Tac, it had panel of twelve keys and was rather hard- 1.5 kg.

The telephone wasn't characterized by no more else, even display. One had to supply the accumulator for at least ten hours to have a possibility to speak for 35 min. On April 3 Martin Copper called Joel Engel (using Dyna-Tac), who was the head of the research section of the Bell Laboratories. Certainly, it was a victory of Cooper and the corporation Motorola at all. A bit later they realized that Dyna-Tac was a overturn in science and communications in particular. In our days because of them we can apply cell telephones and prepaid calling cards as well.

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