Cell Phones Becoming the New PDA

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The PDA, or personal digital assistant, has evolved over the last few years, although one could debate, not as much as the cellular phone. Cell phones now carry applications, high memory capacities and ability to keep us on time and on schedule with calendar systems. These miniature tech devices could arguably have replaced the PDA, containing more information and quicker response time. PDA creators are consistently trying to keep up with the new features of cell phones, especially those with wireless and computer capabilities.

Like some electronics, PDAs will have a memory capacity, listed by RAM (Random Access Memory). Cellular phones not only contain internal memory, but can often hold larger memory cards, sticks or chips than that of a PDA. In this case, the memory grows, making the systems quicker and more efficient for the busy consumer. PDAs can also offer the extensive memory, but often for not as many functions as a cellular device.

Cellular phones are improved dual use systems. Now, it seems that when using a cellular phone, you can surf the web, while talking on speaker phone and/or texting a friend out of state. Minus the basic phone capabilities, a PDA can offer similar options, but many are finding that it is much more efficient to have one device for both options. These devices are now known as combo devices. They hold all of your scheduling and contact data, as well as notes, internet and email access. While having all of these features, they also allow for talking on the phone, and getting connected directly to a source.

Smartphones do now offer both of these capabilities, making sure the element of the PDA has not yet become extinct. The difference between purchasing a smartphone verses a PDA seems to be cost. Initially a PDA is cheaper, but in the long-run, additional programs, wireless, etc. can add up. A smartphone, may cost an individual a mere one hundred dollars, but it also is going to hold costs for monthly plans.

Some are also questioning the size of the new PDA systems. Although they are getting smaller, our eyesight does not seem to get better with time. The smaller the system, the harder it is to make screen choices, and read our information. ‘Compact’ has proven itself as a worthy cause, although having a larger device offers options too. In now being able to download movies, music videos and view/talk to relatives from all over the globe, the technology world it putting a halt on super shrinking the next generation of electronic devices.

PDAs continue to be sold and purchased for those who prefer to have two devices at their fingertips, although the new multi-tasking consumer seems to prefer the latter. Cellular phones, with their multitude of capabilities continue to wow the crowds of technical gurus who are always into the next best thing. It will prove interesting to see what will become the next best thing in the world of technology.

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