Cell Phone Number Lookup Keeps Violators at Bay

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It was only a matter of time before cell phone scammers figured out ways to target our cell phones as well as email accounts. A prominent example involves people getting text messages from individuals claiming to represent a credit union. The text claims the victim's account has been frozen and requests banking information. Similar cases include calls informing people they won contests they never entered and asking for private data, including their social security number. Police educate the public on how to recognize these and other scams and warn cell phone users to never give out personal information when receiving unsolicited calls, text messages, or emails.

Shouldn't we be able to do more than just adapt defensive tactics? There must be a way to proactively pin down the cell phone scammers. We should, and there is. You can determine who is behind these calls by using a Cell Phone Number Lookup. You should follow up on the number that shows up on your Caller ID and find all the available information on the violators. Then, contact them and demand they stop breaking the law. Knowing you're on to them should help getting them off your back.

But don't stop there; after you look up the scammers' cell phone number, report it along with other related contact information to appropriate authorities and cell phone registries. You'll be preventing many other cell phone owners from having their number contaminated, too.

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