Cell Phone Number Lookup Can Help Parents Protect Children

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Recently, a major university conducted research on the effect of cell phones on young children. Studies showed that 10-year-olds get easily distracted and are a lot more likely to be hit by a car crossing the street, when talking on a cell phone. Marketing firms predict that more than half of all 8- to 12-year-olds in the United States will own a cell phone by the end of this year. Researchers suggest that while it's understandable that parents want to stay connected to the children when they are away from home, they must establish rules that would protect the child in situations where distraction could pose a danger.

It makes a parent think, doesn't it? What other concerns must be addressed when giving a child a cell phone? Danger lurks in obvious and not-so obvious scenarios. We have seen computers become potentially dangerous to our kids, exposing them to online predators, and have developed and discussed with them strategies to keep them safe from cyber attacks. Can cell phones pose similar threats?

It is conceivable that, like telemarketers, child predators have ways of looking up cell phone numbers and contact information. Children should know that if they tell strangers their name and where they live, finding their number is easy via cell phone number lookup. Or if they give away the cell number, it's very easy to find their name and where they live through a reverse cell phone number lookup.

It is more crucial than ever to lay down strict rules for the child before we hand them a cell phone so we can track them down at all times. It is not at all inconceivable that someone else can do the same with minimal effort. Tell your children not to cross the road while talking on the cell phone. Also, tell them not to give out their private information to anyone. Make use of cell phone number lookups yourself, if you notice a call from an unknown source on your child's Caller ID. Better yet, hold off on the cell phone for a few years, keeping tabs on them through the school and other adults in charge.

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