Cell Phone Music Player: A Good Idea?

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So you've concluded you want a combination cell and music phone. As a careful consumer, you habitually research only wholesale cell phones because you are convinced that is the optimal way to find the best value. What should you be examining as you browse your cell phone wholesaler's internet site or catalogue?

First, are you replacing your music player or are you planning on having both? If you plan to replace your zune in favor of a combined "calls and songs" device, you will probably want a higher quality product so you don't end up longing for all the varied features of your "music-only" player.

You want to be confident that your ultramodern music phone will function with the audio files you use all the time. Being able to tune in FM radio is a great feature as well. Memory capacity is critical -- if you are keeping not only tunes but pictures and such, you want to make sure you have sufficient capacity or are able to add a memory card.

Your wholesale cell phone should also have basic phone features, like text messaging, three-party calling, call waiting, caller ID and speaker. Typical extras like calculators are good to have.

Another consideration is looks. Your music phone should stand out. You'd like your co-workers to sit up and take notice when you gear up your music phone! Your cell phone wholesaler's inventory will offer numerous choices of design. One choice will be how the cell phone is accessed: flip, slide, or bar. Each has its advantages, but for a music phone, you probably want to guard the buttons and screen, so the flip phone or slide will be best. Another of your choices will be color and pattern, from traditional to futuristic. Chose a design that is striking!

You can review a variety of critiques that will contrast all of the important material of importance: price, features, functions, consumer satisfaction, and expert ratings. Research first on websites, check with family, and look at CNET Reviews or other trusted source before you purchase your wholesale cell phone and music player.

Finally, be sure you are not concerned about abandoning your music player and relying on a single player with phone. As convenient as the music cell phone may be, there are downsides to it. If you are that person who accidentally drops the cell phone down the loo, misplaces it regularly, drives over it in the driveway, absentmindedly puts it in the refrigerator, you are not a good candidate for a single device! If your phone is gone, your songs go with it! At least if you have both a phone and a player, you have a better than even chance of hanging on to the songs you value so much.

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