Cell Phone Lookup Reveals Deadly Calls from Prison

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Cell phones have been gradually changing life as we know it for quite some time. Ever since they've become an inherent part of our daily existence, nothing has been the same. As politicians everywhere scramble to revise existing laws to include a wide range of cell-phone related amendments, many societal aspects on which we've come to rely are unraveling with staggering speed. Even maximum security prisons can no longer achieve their goal of completely severing the criminals' ties with society.

Recently, a Baltimore drug dealer had arranged to have the key witness removed by his associates, a week before the victim was due to testify at his trial and identify him in a 2006 slaying. He had managed to pull it off from within a maximum security prison thanks to a smuggled cell phone.

Subsequent search revealed the name and address of the victim written down and hidden among the prisoner's belongings. The condemned man was lured out of his home by a phone call, and gunned down. The reverse cell phone lookups police and prosecution later ran on the prisoner's cell phone records revealed numerous calls to his associate arranging payment for the hit.

Later that week, a search of the prisoner's cell produced yet another hidden cell phone, no pun intended. More cell phone lookups were conducted to analyze recent call records. Clearly, the accused made a number of calls to yet another key witness sure to put him away for a long time. Just days before the onset of the trial, this last witness has revoked his statement. Needless to say, the prosecution is livid.

The jurors will remain anonymous to protect their safety, an unusual precaution typically reserved for defendants connected to organized crime. This case has shocked the authorities and legal community, prompting serious consideration of proposals to jam cell phone signals in prisons to prevent convicts from committing further crimes from the inside.

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